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Thread: Official Utah State Aggies Football 2012 Thread

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    Wells named new Aggie Head Coach....

    I think this will be a good move. As was stated, he's familiar with the players, the school and should make the transition for the players much easier. He has been involved with recruiting.
    The big plus, he's been Chuckies coach for the past two years. I would bet this played into the choice as well.

    It will be interesting to see whom he picks to be his assistants now.

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    That was quick. Probably very smart to stop the bleeding/whining/defections ASAP if they were going to stay in house anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surely View Post
    As an Aggie fan, I wouldn't mind Wells taking over. At least it would provide some sort of continuity from the last group of coaches. And hopefully the recruits would still stay on board.

    On a different note, my brother told me he found a website somewhere (it was on the internet so it must be true, right?) that said Chuckie was going to transfer and redshirt. If Andersen takes Chuckie then he would be the biggest douche bag of all time. He is now at a school where he can easily go out and recruit another Chuckie. No reason to take ours. I truly hope that that was just some blogger blowing bs out of their butt.
    If Chuckie is transferring, he's doing his best Gary Anderson impression:

    @ustate16 Badgernation would open our arms to you Chuckie!!

    @PDCBiRd sorry but the #AggieNation has already closed theirs around me

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