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  • Something or other Varejao

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  • Manu Ginobli

    17 58.62%
  • Chris Paul

    5 17.24%
  • Shane Battier

    1 3.45%
  • Blake Griffin

    3 10.34%
  • Other - Put Who in Remarks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantis View Post
    I'm tempted to say "All of the above", but that's what should happen. I suspect what will actually happen is that someone who doesn't have a rep as a flopper will get pinged when they are actually innocent. The abovenamed members of the All-Star Flop Squad will not get cited at all, because they have reputations as "fiesty defenders", and to fine them for flopping would be an admission that the refs have been duped into copulating up foul calls for years. In fact, I would expect that any warning or fine would be for an act where the player had the foul called on them, I don't think a successful flop will ever be penalised.

    I'm going to say that Alec Burks will be the first Jazzman to get fined (he's not a flopper, but he tends to bounce pretty hard and flail his arms when he gets screened). This might make him the first player overall to get fined, too.

    P.S. Is Baron Davis still in the league? If so, he's a write-in candidate.
    This. I don't know why anyone wouldn't assume this is to be selectively enforced.

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    Manu would kill all those floppers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YB85 View Post
    Either J.J. Barea or his teammate Andrei.
    Well, first warned anyway.

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    None of the above. Reggie Evans

    Did I win?



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