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Thread: Offense/defense subs

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Norm View Post
    Corbin is such a genius for going with the smarts of Al Jefferson and CJ Miles over brainless players like Enes Kanter and Gordon Hayward.
    I hate to break it to you, but Kanter is NOT a smart basketball player. At least as of now. And Hayward has been getting plenty of minutes since the end of his rookie year.

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    jazz may not have won if corbin made one or more defensive for offense subs.
    but if hey makes a habbit of it he will win more close games.
    also it would ebnefit favor.
    corbin going to favors in that situation will show favors corbin has confidence in his defense, which would benefit favors.
    but this hurts favors more, how do you think he feels corbin going with a lazy no d vet instead of the best defensive big and arguably the best defensive player on the jazz.
    it hurts his confidence.

    screw corbin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doubledribble View Post
    I hate to break it to you, but Kanter is NOT a smart basketball player. At least as of now. And Hayward has been getting plenty of minutes since the end of his rookie year.
    Can't agree with that really. Two of the Kanter's best qualities were his BBIQ and game fundamentals before his NBA career. He has to find those aspects of his game again right now but it's not an easy thing to achieve in a league like NBA where everything is faster and every mistake costs big especially while he's restricted with such a limited role like being an energy guy from the bench on a team that has crowded front court.

    Whereas he needs lot's of game time, he needs to be much more tolerated for mistakes because he needs to make a lot of mistakes and learn from them and produce solutions to them, to adjust his talents to the game. Because he's a god damn 3rd overall pick. Normally you play your third pick with significant minutes to see what he's made of, you utilize his talents and blend them in the team accordingly. Not put him on the bench, retrench his abilities and (for instance burying him to the god damn deep left low post on the offense) use him like a poor mans Varejao.

    Now all of us know Kanter more or less. We know he's a strong kid, a terrific rebounder, has size, has rather good footwork and some post moves, runs the floor very well, has a really nice shooting touch with significant range, has good work ethic, doesn't show a Cousins attitude, loves the game(shows passion on the floor) and has turned out to be a better defensive player than everyone expected. Now tell me if you believe that this guy couldn't average a double-double(or a close one) season in let's say Cleveland in his rookie or sophomore year with a 25 and 32 mins playing time given respectively instead of fricking Tristan Thompson.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DutchJazzer View Post
    So this really bothers me with a close game enough timeouts to be called.
    why isnt corbin doing offense vs defene subs.
    it's the most logical thing to do.
    this alone wins you 5 games a year.

    for example vs new orleans score tied.
    why is al in the game. your worst defensive big guy?
    while your best defensive big guy is rotting on the floor.
    you have a timeout left so if you get stop. you can put lazy al back in the game
    Ole Jer never done it that way so why should Ole Jer II? We gotsta play Jazz basketball at all time donchya know = 1950's Jerry Sloan high school b-ball.

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