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Thread: These people really are dumber than animals..

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    Of course I wasn't referring to all Pakistani people.
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    I think we only see the crazies in the media. Its like when Russell Peter says that the media only shows us the rednecks of the Arab world haha youtube it.

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    Guys you really should start to make threads about all the ****ed up criminals and ****ed up crimes in the western countries. I bet there are as much as bad ones and you could find lots of materials. Plus maybe that could be fun, because, sometimes I can't help but I kinda feel that a few of guys here(no offense to anyone, I like most of the folks here and my feeling could be dead wrong) look like enjoying talking about this kind of crimes. Anyway, the reasons may vary from religion and traditions to the anything but there are crazy and disgusting people and criminals everywhere in the world.

    BTW, have you guys ever heard of the sufi people(mystics) of the Pakistan? They do base their entire lifes and relations on LOVE and do not hurt even an ant or any kind of life form in that matter. They raise roses, flowers etc, make music, help people, travel around JUST to find poor people to help, they teach and try to educate kids, they try to find their peace and bring peace for everyone. Why not make threads about this kind of people and make all their community look like like them? Maybe because that would be nonsensical, huh?

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    This is exactly why we cannot stuff our way of life, our culture, our way of government onto that people.

    What we value and how people should live (according to us) is completely different than other peoples.
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