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    Quote Originally Posted by orangello View Post
    Team that will finish with a better record than the Hawks:


    Teams that might finish ahead of the Hawks:

    Bobcats (this one is a stretch but if they make one right trade they could be competing for the playoffs)
    I spaced Philly as a potential team to finish ahead of the Hawks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Biggs View Post
    So I was very mad about the game, but I wasn't going to vent here, because you guys all feel the same way. However, Ty's postgame interview got my blood boiling. On why he let Trey and Gordon play while having bad games, "You gotta let them battle through it because that's what you gotta do." Really are you kidding me. You have to balls to say that when you pulled Alec after 16 minutes against LAC and Kanter got 19 minutes toinght?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weezur View Post
    I have a bad feeling that teams won't pay for Milsap what the Jazz think Milsap's worth and then Milsap will just walk out on us come the end of the year.
    That's why we should at least extract some value out of Millsap if possible - if we've decided that we're not keeping him that is.

    Millsap brings intangibles to the Jazz don't get me wrong. He's "Utah Jazz Basketball" personified. But with what I saw against the Kings last night, Favors & Jefferson down the stretch gives us a pretty competent front court.
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