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    Quote Originally Posted by SaltyDawg View Post
    So if your one game this season hastened to be the one time the heat came to SLC, and you paid the big bucks for a ticket and drive the 6 hours, only to find that LeBron, Wade, Bosh, and Allen were already back in Miami.... You would not feel at least a little cheated?

    What if this went the other way. What if you were a Jazz fan who paid the big bucks and made the long drive to see your 1 have this season when the Jazz made their 1 trip to Miami. And when you got there you found out Favors, Jefferson, Millsap, and Hayward were all back in SLC. Surely that would not be okay, right?
    I can honestly say that if Miami's four best players did not even show up to the game, I wouldn't feel cheated at all. Concerning the Jazz player situation, yes, I would feel a little cheated (and only because that would pretty much eliminate any chance the Jazz had to win that game. That being said, and if there were the same risks that San Antonio's older guys face (as they are all older and injury prone) I would accept the fact that Pop decided to send them home instead of risking them getting injured. The opportunity to compete for a championship in June and be able to watch those games on TV would override the disappointment of not being able to see them play in person.

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    Doesn't look like this got posted: $250,000 fine for the Spurs.
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