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Thread: 50 Shades of Grey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gameface View Post
    So is there extensive use of sex toys in the book? Blue Boutique was selling the books in their adult section next to some angled pillows and a swinging contraption.
    Sounds like the book is a real bean flicker.
    GVC'S thoughts on the Jazz drafting Hayward......

    Quote Originally Posted by GVC View Post
    Why not just buy a late 1st and draft Luke Babbitt? Better Body, better basketball skills, better athleticism...

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    Read the first two, couldn't finish the last one. Got annoyed and bored. The sex was becoming too repetitive. It felt like he was taking her pants off every other page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DutchJazzer View Post
    i have lived it.
    as sheldon says: bitches be crazy.
    Who is sheldon??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thee jazz fan View Post
    Who is sheldon??
    Big Bang Theory

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