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Thread: Official Game Thread Jazz VS Magic Tip Off 7:00 Root Sports 1280 AM/ 97.5 FM

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    2009 was the last sellout year. steady decline since then. Sad to see.
    Chop it!!!

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    all i can say is we picked a good game to shoot really poorly... hopefully we have a reality check and figure out that that kind of effort just isnt goingto fly in real games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DutchJazzer View Post
    so your saying it has other factors why jazz is not being sold out?
    other than the product they put on the floor?
    I can't say what is keeping people from coming to the games, my point is that the Jazz have had a more full arena than the times I've gone to Portland or Denver, or when I hear from my friends from Portland/Denver say how empty their arena's are. Could be ticket prices, regular season is still early could be a factor too

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