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Thread: Another option to stop the hack-a-X

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    Another option to stop the hack-a-X;_ylv=3

    After a specific player has been fouled 10 times, they get an extra free throw unless the shot goes in. They get another one after 5 times.

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    Umm, I have an idea. Practice.

    I know that I can hardly understand being a giant, but surely there must be a way to teach these oafs how to hit a reasonable percentage of their free throws. Maybe they need to bring back granny style. Or again, maybe they need to teach these huge guys starting in middle school to practice their free throws as much as they practice their dunks. I bet guys like Shaq and Dwight were so dominant at the HS and even college level that no one carred if they could hit a freee throw or if they practiced them, but I truly feel that anyone who's profession it is to play basketball can find a way to make somewhere in the neighborhood of 70% of their free throws.

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