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    Syria Just Got Serious

    Haha, that's awesome.

    I am going to build my own tank and call it the Asskicker.

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    I'm digging it. I'm guessing if they went a little more offroad than they do in that video it wouldn't do so well, but for 10 G's and cobbled together parts, not bad. Not bad at all.

    but an earlier version called Sham I that only protects the driver
    Haha, That sounds pretty ghetto. I need to track down pics/videos of Sham 1 now.



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    I guess you could say they are Syrious......
    GVC'S thoughts on the Jazz drafting Hayward......

    Quote Originally Posted by GVC View Post
    Why not just buy a late 1st and draft Luke Babbitt? Better Body, better basketball skills, better athleticism...

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    well u can still make it immobilized with a cop car leaving a few needles on the road coz the tires are still there in contact with the road without protection.

    btw those rebels are just bartering there is no way that junk is 10 K it should cost around $1350 or so.
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    Dave Locke:
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    What did you do?

    Kanter: I dropped a bomb.

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    Typical. Other people's blood simply does not have very much value.
    "I'm a moron for thinking the Browns could even sniff 10 wins in a division where the other three teams (two of whom almost always make the playoffs) made the post-season last year. Gyp Rosetti's thee God of football knowledge." - Brown Notes

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