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    Quote Originally Posted by mhindy View Post
    I still think that Kanter's biggest problem, by FAR at this point is overthinking the game and moving slowly as a result. Giving him more options is not necessarily a good thing at this point when he finally seems to be figuring out a couple of things he is legitimately very good at.

    Maybe in time, but even then unless he's really a great three point shooter it's just as valuable to step out to the freethrow line or on the baseline.
    I absoultely agree. his lack of fast practical thinking and acting out of instincts/senses is his biggest problem. he would be a beast if he nailed that.



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    Also, he is ripped like he never been before. And your body type, a ripped upper body especially, effects your shooting rhythm and reliability. And usually ripped guys don't shoot at high percentages from long range.

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