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    Quote Originally Posted by sojodave View Post
    What if your Aunt had a package...then she would be your uncle.


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    If Green were crowding Mo a bit closer, I think Mo would have driven the ball and looked to kick to another shooter, but once Green backed off enough to defend the drive, Mo decided he was going to shoot it. Sometimes, you just take what the defense gives you.
    The Jazz play like azz when the J ain't workin'.



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    Quote Originally Posted by UGLI baby View Post
    Is the suns game tomorrow?
    This was asked at 12:48 am on Thursday morning December 13, 2012.

    There is my proof.
    Quote Originally Posted by Biggs View Post
    So I was very mad about the game, but I wasn't going to vent here, because you guys all feel the same way. However, Ty's postgame interview got my blood boiling. On why he let Trey and Gordon play while having bad games, "You gotta let them battle through it because that's what you gotta do." Really are you kidding me. You have to balls to say that when you pulled Alec after 16 minutes against LAC and Kanter got 19 minutes toinght?

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