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    Quote Originally Posted by mellow View Post
    I don't have any answers, just more and more questions. I'm struggling to put together something that explains the unbeliveable.

    Is there an entire generation of hopless youth? Will disarming them matter if we can't take away their hoplessness? Or will more government regulation only increase their desperation?
    Youth have always been like this, for thousands of years. If you believe the Bible stories, Elisha had to chase off his a group with bears, while another group raped a woman to death in Judges.

    Isaiah 1:18 -- Come now, and let us reason together

    Any habitual action, such as eating or dressing, may be performed on the appropriate occasion, without any need of thought, and the same seems to be true of a painfully large proportion of our talk. -- Bertrand Russell

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiskyPriest View Post
    I thought it was rather obvious that the Thriller was being ironic.
    oh. sorry.

    David Locke: "Because what happens in this league is, people start shooting threes and they get soft and donít want contact and then they just stay out there all the time. Youíre not going to get soft, are you?"
    Enes Kanter: "I kind of live in the paint, man. Come on. I wonít get soft. Donít worry about that."


    October 2014 Update: Enes is eating crow so far.



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    Quote Originally Posted by addictionary View Post
    oh. sorry.
    You're all good, bro.

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