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Thread: Trade idea w/ Washington

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallenchicken View Post
    Are we sure? How can we know unless we ask?
    I'd put up the trade on NBA 2K12 before you ask though. Pretty sure the game has a trade rejected animation where the other team's GM puts a flaming bag of dog **** on your GM's porch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hartsock View Post
    I think the Wiz are dying to get rid of Wall. I say we low ball them, Murphy and a 2022 2nd round pick.
    Protection on the pick and I'm down.

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    Wall and Nene are very good when they play but they haven't been playing very much. Nene's contract is not worth the risk. I would rather try to get Washington's pick from them because the owner has said he is sick of being in the lottery every year. Is Washington under the cap? If they are I would give them both AL and Millsap for future picks and this year's number one. We can also take Jan Velsey off their hands.

    The only two guys who are untouchable on the Jazz for me are Favors and Kanter. I would be willing to trade Hayward (too inconsistent) or Burks (I like him but he doesn't even play so I would be willing to trade him). Don't get me wrong I want to keep Hayward and Burks but if the right deal came along I would consider trading them.

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    Again: Why would Washington give up a pick for Al or Paul? All they gain is Bird rights. If they want Al or Paul they can simply bid on either/both in the offseason without sacrificing a first round pick.

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