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Thread: Golden State Whoriors at Utah Jazz: 7pm MT

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellow View Post
    Marvin the Ghost, is the only starter who is under contract after this season.
    Marvin has a player option for next season. Even if he sucks, he could opt-out, just to get the increased security of a multi-year deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catchall View Post
    I also agree that we can move Marvin and not lose much. Carroll can step into that role, although he's a bit undersized. I think a few of these vets know they're not under contract for next year, or they might opt out, so they're not giving 100% effort.
    So how is not playing hard working in their favor to get another contract? Perhaps the players are just not as good as we thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NAOS View Post
    Y'all should join me in NOT watching.
    And miss burks getting to play?.... i think not.
    NOW is the best time to watch the jazz.... starters really sucking and ty being forced to do what we have all been wanting (play the youth)

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