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    Quote Originally Posted by MoTown16 View Post
    Jazz did make progress...Ty was given an extension. So we'll have no ?'s re: who the coach is for the next 5 years (unfortunately).
    Oh yeah, I forgot...when Randy heard the ? he thought he was being asked about progress being made on long-term extensions for Big Al and Paul. Those are just about done. Our "big three" will be Al, Paul and Mo. They'll all be locked up for the next 7 years. Of course, that will mean that like OKC, the Jazz will have to let one of their young stars walk (can't pay everyone), so say goodbye to Derrick. But no problem, Jazz can backfill with rookies and cheap vets.
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    i trhink the players have gotten better, but the offense that utah runs is so predictable.. thats when they run an offense that is... lol.. just a predictable team to beat. out coach hasnt improved.
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