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Thread: The reason why Ty Corbin sucks.

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    The reason why Ty Corbin sucks.

    I firmly believe its Al Jefferson. The games where Jefferson doesn't play the offense runs so much more smoothly. I also think that Hornacek would not let the offense get so stagnate. He knows the flex offense better than anyone. I don't think Ty Corbin is a coaching genius but I also think I will wait to see how the offense is with Jefferson gone.

    So I guess I am saying:

    Ty Corbin>Al Jefferson

    That dude just needs to go.
    GVC'S thoughts on the Jazz drafting Hayward......

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    Why not just buy a late 1st and draft Luke Babbitt? Better Body, better basketball skills, better athleticism...

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    Can't disagree. I cringe when I see the ball go inside to Al because I know he'll either spin to his left and put up a wild shot or turn baseline into a double-team.

    We have another 1 1/2 months until the trade deadline. Jefferson better be gone by then.

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    Corbin just seems like too nice a guy.
    He had a chance to blast all the players after the game and tip toed around the idea.

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