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    Griffin's Health 2.0

    First off side -- awesome how Sap works this guy game after game.

    This guy is going to be great if he's blessed with healthy genes like Malone. Guy learns every single season. Problem is, I don't see him holding up. He's jumping like a nut to get bank shots now. It's incredible to watch but I don't see how those knees hold up.

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    Jumping on the bandwagon I have been driving are ya?

    The guy works hard, and has more natural ability than most other NBA players. Thats the combination needed for greatness. Ya there is the issue with hom jumping around a lot on bad knees. I think he has a great career but probably not as long as Malone's. Griffin probably has 10 really good years at least. That doesnt mean though that it would be a short career. He doesnt have to play as long as Malone to be great. Not many people do. Its hard. Most bodies start breaking down early thirties. If you make it to late thirties play at a high level then that is an accomplishment in on its self.



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    Good thing he has that Kia time machine!!!!

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