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Thread: Denouncing God

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    Hayward's a stud. Every team benefits from a Gordon Hayward.

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    I like to picture my Hayward in a tuxedo T-shirt. 'Cause it says like, I wanna be formal but I’m here to party too. I like to party, so I like my Hayward to party.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dipship31 View Post
    The return we'd get on Hayward wouldn't be enough to move him IMO and I think he has all the abilities you want in a swing man. He'll just get more consistent as time goes on. I doubt he'll become an all-star as well, but he should no doubt be a solid rotation player. Also looking ahead let's say we move Gordon how is the wing situation looking for the upcoming seasons? That's putting all our hopes on Burks.
    I agree. I've been disappointed by Hauyward's development. Then again, he's caught fire the past two seasons in the second half, so let's see what he does through over the next 40+ games. He still plays out of control. But I agree he can become a pretty good rotation player. And he doesn't seem to mind being a 6th man. So find a starting SF to replace Marvin, put Alec in at SG and let Hayward continue to come off the bench. Since he can play both spots, you'd have a solid wing rotation with Gordon. Alec and another wing...perhaps a quality starter Jazz could get by trading Jefferson or Millsap.
    "He can say what he wants...we know we have a great organization. He got his stats...and as always, he got the L, too." - Trevor Booker

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    Quote Originally Posted by JGolds View Post
    i think the kid still has alot of untaped potential
    I find this hard to believe. With the near omnipresence of recording equipment at this level, it seems that there would have to be at least some film of this "potential".

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