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Thread: SLTrib: Mo Williams says surgery repaired 'complete tear' in ligament

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    Is it too late to draft Damian Lillard?
    GVC'S thoughts on the Jazz drafting Hayward......

    Quote Originally Posted by GVC View Post
    Why not just buy a late 1st and draft Luke Babbitt? Better Body, better basketball skills, better athleticism...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beantown View Post
    Is it too late to draft Damian Lillard?

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    Any trade we do for a point has to be for a point that is better than Mo because it will be a long term solution and then Mo decides during the of-season whether he will re-sign to come off the bench (again, which he didn't like) or go elsewhere.

    I am of the mindset to use who we have unless we can get a truly great younger point guard. Why trade value for other veterans when we already have veterans? Sure, they aren't amazing, but they know the offence and the less they shoot, the more our 'core' group gets to put up shots. (Then again, that raises their value....)

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    Sessions auditioning tonight.
    "I'm a moron for thinking the Browns could even sniff 10 wins in a division where the other three teams (two of whom almost always make the playoffs) made the post-season last year. Gyp Rosetti's thee God of football knowledge." - Brown Notes

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