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Thread: Houston After Sap As Well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoked View Post
    If Millsap ends up a Rocket, Laker or Nugget than he is dead to me.
    LMAO, I agree but I don't see him going to the Nuggets they have Faried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NAOS View Post
    ****, I'd strongly consider making them my new team instead of this Holding Pattern Inc.
    I have never been closer to negging someone in my entire life.

    You are SO grounded!
    #BelieveInLindsey #BelieveInSnyder

    All Abaord The 5th Seed Jazz Express!!!

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    Well if the rockets want to sign him in the offseason then a trade is a good option because they would also have his bird rights which means they could offer a little more then anyone else. Houston would also have to get rid of some of their bigs and a trade would make that happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoked View Post

    "Millsap is not as flashy as Josh Smith but he definitely feels a hole in the Rockets lineup. The Jazz need help at point guard and would like some more young talent to add to their roster. The Rockets could offer the Jazz Toney Douglas and any of the four power forwards on their roster. I think the Jazz would be very much intrigued by this offer and would think long and hard about it."
    I can't believe no one commented on this. Read the line above again. "definitely FEELS a HOLE in the Rockets". I am rather uncomfortable with Millsap FEELING anyone's hole but ours.

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