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    agree with the surprise re: ft%. millsap hitting at 0.744.
    from watching the games he seems to be missing a lot more often than that.



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    For all 5 of you believers....

    Paul Milsap is having a Twitter Scavenger Hunt in Utah for free Utah Jazz/Paul Milsap gear.

    Paul Millsap @PaulMillsap_24 about 1 hour ago
    First location: find my signed jersey at this store. Tweeting another pic. You don't need to pay for it. Go get it!!

    Paul Millsap @PaulMillsap_24 about 28 minutes ago
    one down. headin back up to salt lake, keep tabs y'all! get some #PMSWAG
    Trey Burke just went from being shown the door, to the most important man at the party. Awkward for a few folks. Of course, my faith in Trey never waivered.

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