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Thread: Why does Corbin play Marvin Williams over Carroll?

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    Quote Originally Posted by underKANTER View Post
    at least if carroll starts, he would bring fire and energy and might force the other guys to finally play defense. he hustles and has this winner mentality, he always plays with 110 percent when he is on the floor. the others from the starting unit don't seem to care. he would be that guy that forces other teammates to play better once he is on the floor. the starting unit lacks someone with carroll's game approach. he does the little things, gains extra possessions what others refuse to do. i am a big carroll fan.
    Yeah, but would his style be as effective with the starting unit? I'm all for giving it a try, mostly for the Marvin to the bench aspect and how/if that would give him a spark.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weezur View Post
    Carrolle's stupid fouls are the reason Marvin got 36 minutes today.
    I'm not trying to argue whether or not Marvin or Carrolle deserve to play, I'm just saying that that's why Marvin got 36 minutes.

    Look, I've said what I've wanted to say about Marvin. He's not great at all, but he's much better than what we've had (CJ, Howard, Bell, etc.).
    He's a classic example of if you don't try, you don't fail. He doesn't make stupid mistake and the same time, looks like he's not contributing.

    Contrast is Carrolle who tries really hard, but he also fails. He misses rotations and gambles on defense to make the hustle play. He does amazing things but equally does stupid things and this is what an energy guy does.

    And those knick knack fouls are stupid, he's not supposed to be trying to steal the ball when he's defending a triple-threat. All the offensive player has to do is swing his arms and bam!, that's a 2 shot foul. Unnecessary fouling is a stupid thing to do on defense and he can't be out there using all 6 of his fouls. He's going to get the other team shooting bonus free throws all game.
    Would rep if I could. Just to add, these two players are the same age. The Chicken Little crowd might want to think about that before they lump Carrol in with the young 4.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brown Notes View Post
    Would rep if I could. Just to add, these two players are the same age. The Chicken Little crowd might want to think about that before they lump Carrol in with the young 4.
    I dont know if i have ever seen carroll called one the "young guys" and i certainly have never heard anything close "The Five" (like carroll is lumped in with The Four)

    In fact it could be that since carroll is a little older, he gets the "vet" status and is why he plays as much as he does despite him not being drafted or very talented, and his age might be why hayward and burks dont get ALL his minutes. Lol, just messing with ya.... mostly

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