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    I liked the effort and I think they competed the whole game; well, the whole second half anyway. My only negative comment is why the crap CJ was in the all 4 instead of Burks. They were gassed, and Alec could have made them pay.

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    After this game I say bench the starters they should be ashamed of themselves worst shooting I think I've ever seen by the jazz. Cj and ty need to go this offseason what the hell just gave that game away putting the starters instead of the finishers

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    We really need a quality SF... Although CJ had a statistically good game, some of those decisions, blown layups, and stupid fouls really hurt us...
    Corbin sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Thriller View Post
    We really need a quality SF... Although CJ had a statistically good game, some of those decisions, blown layups, and stupid fouls really hurt us...
    You don't like blown lay ups? What about easy put backs? Better yet, rushed 3 pointers early in the shot clock. Take your pick.
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    So I was very mad about the game, but I wasn't going to vent here, because you guys all feel the same way. However, Ty's postgame interview got my blood boiling. On why he let Trey and Gordon play while having bad games, "You gotta let them battle through it because that's what you gotta do." Really are you kidding me. You have to balls to say that when you pulled Alec after 16 minutes against LAC and Kanter got 19 minutes toinght?

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    As for the B2B2B thing, lets break this down, sure they may have been somewhat tired, but in terms of rougher in the last, our schedule was every bit as tough. Let me break this down...

    Thursday Utah travels to Sacramento, about a 90 minute trip. They had a late game there, and with it being hard fought to the end, heavy minutes were played. That night/early morning Friday, the Jazz returned to Salt Lake City, then played a late national TV game on ESPN against the overly physical Denver team that more than earned their nickname of the Thuggets. While being a blowout, it seemed almost every player was hit, kicked, knocked down, cheap shotted, etc. That game ended late, about 11:30pm, and I would bet it was after midnight before the players left the arena. Saturday was travel day, a 4.5 hour flight into Atlanta, then trying to get some rest in a hotel, which I know when I travel that far, just the flight wears me out. The Jazz had as much wear and tear over the prior 3 days , more or less.

    By Comparison, Atlanta played their back-to-back-to-back, facing the teams of Washington, New Jersey, and Utah. 2 of the 3 games were at home, with the one game in-between being Washington on the road, which is only an hour flight away. Sure yes it is 3 games in 3 days, but I dont feel that the wear and tear on the players was any worse than what Utah has been thru in the prior 4 days. Both teams were run down, with good reason, and at the end it was simply who got the one or two shots to go down first, and that was Atlanta.

    IMHO, I give both teams all the credit for that game. ATL was favored to win it by 2 in Regulation, but had to take 4OT to drop a Utah team with a worse record overall. Our players gave their all top to bottom. I just hope that we can find enough warm bodies for the NJ game tonight.
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