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  1. Gameface
    Number 1 Gobert fan!
  2. Minhgun1131
  3. Eenie-Meenie
    Eenie-Meenie Saint Cy of JFC
    Listen, I could give two ***** if u call me a moron, but why do people have to b belligerent because they disagree with someone? This is why I have complained time & again here because people r like this; you know I moved to Utah & am very disappointed in the attitudes of people here. Hey, nothing I can do about that. Just do my thing & don't treat them like they treat me.
    1. Saint Cy of JFC
      Jan 4, 2020
  4. Quin Snyder
    Quin Snyder
    Jazz head coach 2014-2023
  5. One Brow
    One Brow Gameface
    By the way, if you feel my conversation in the "honesty" thread is being counterproductive or ill-informed, please feel free to tell me privately or publicly. I have no desire to cause you any sort of discomfort.
  6. MVP
  7. Hekate
  8. One Brow
    One Brow
    Getting through each day
  9. Safetydan
  10. bjwsan
    Let's go be bad guys!
  11. KCE
    Long time Jazz, Bronco, and Ute fan. Utah Grad. 13 year Bama fan. Living in the deep south.
  12. Ujfanatic
    Ujfanatic ChicAggie
    Hey! Finally decided to sign up for this board as I cannot get back to Jazzhoops. I saw you post that the site was back up, but when I go to it I just get a blank webpage. Is there a new address, or is it back down?
  13. Guitaro
    I'm alive!!
  14. Heathme
    Heathme NPC D4617
    Hey NPC, it's been nice giving the liberals a run for their money with you. I am taking a break from JazzFanz for a while. I am finding myself wasting too much time here. I wish there more of us than just the two of us and a few others here and there. Good luck!
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  15. El Hespíritu
    El Hespíritu
    I am El Hespíritu and El Hespíritu means me
  16. El Hespíritu
    El Hespíritu
    I am El Hespíritu
  17. Revolution 9
    Revolution 9 Stoked
    Hey bro are you okay? whats going on? hit me up.
  18. Diamond77
    Diamond77 Sandman822
    Man incredible, we quoted to one of our messages at the same time! :D
  19. Kendrick23
  20. addictionary
    Pride tends to hate happiness.