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  1. Diamond77
    Diamond77 Sandman822
    Man incredible, we quoted to one of our messages at the same time! :D
  2. Kendrick23
  3. addictionary
    Pride tends to hate happiness.
  4. addictionary
    Beşiktaşlı kardeşlerimizden Utahlı kardeşlerimize Demba Ba Demba Ba... 3...4 ...
  5. Julia Hunt
    Julia Hunt Saint Cy of JFC
    5G Male We're now not going to talk approximately the oh-that-feels-so-excellent, get-me-off form of intercourse, but the form of sex that is all-encompassing wherein you experience you're making like to lifestyles. This is a journey of remembering the profound nature of your sexuality and the wild trip which can also look ahead to you.
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  7. duongthisinh
  8. duongthisinh
  9. duongthisinh
  10. Bulletproof
    Ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence
  11. Tarkanian
    I am a ninja.
  12. The Jazz Wonderbra
    The Jazz Wonderbra Yodamaster
    It took yous long enough to join. Jazz fan indeed.
  13. The Jazz Wonderbra
  14. Eenie-Meenie
    Eenie-Meenie Heathme
    Please start educating yourself about what is going on in the political arena. It's when people are uninformed that we have breakdowns in our democratic institutions that lead to disasters like the Trump Presidency.
    1. Heathme
      Please look outside your little liberal bubble and educate yourself on what is going on in the political arena.
      Nov 5, 2018
  15. Eenie-Meenie
    Eenie-Meenie RandyForRubio
    I see you have changed your profile ... you know you ought to educate yourself about GMOs and the dangers they pose to our food supply.
  16. Eenie-Meenie
    Eenie-Meenie Saint Cy of JFC
    Are you really TJ -- If so, you have to be JF no. 1 with all your posts and non-stop coverage of the Jazz.
    1. Saint Cy of JFC
      Saint Cy of JFC
      What the **** are you talking about?
      Sep 22, 2018
    2. Eenie-Meenie
      I think you know. I'll just have to compare your posts to Tony's articles to see. But it doesn't matter if you are, or not. I'm looking forward to the season as much as you. Whatever. I was just asking because other people were hinting that. I never noticed it myself, so I was wondering. What's weird about that?
      Sep 22, 2018
    3. Saint Cy of JFC
      Saint Cy of JFC
      Man you are weird as hell
      Sep 22, 2018
  17. Maneesh
    Maneesh Eenie-Meenie
    I can’t do anything to you but you say it so rude. I can’t do this to President in USA it can be lethal.
  18. Maneesh
    Maneesh Eenie-Meenie
    I will like to know why can’t you liked me?
    1. Eenie-Meenie
      Because you are a member of the Taliban ... but on second thought if you could take Trump out, I might reconsider it.
      Sep 17, 2018
  19. Eenie-Meenie
    Eenie-Meenie babe
    Hey, Babe, you know that was my father's nickname -- Babe, they named him after Babe Ruth. Anyway, since you know so many people, maybe you can help me promote my fantasy novel, or get me an agent. I severed relations with the prospective publisher who was going to publish this month. Check my blog for an idea of what it's about: So, do you live in the SLC area?
  20. Eenie-Meenie
    Eenie-Meenie ONE LOVE
    Change SI top 100 Thread to (100-31) -- Donovan is 34; we all thought he'd be higher.