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Pride tends to hate happiness. Dec 18, 2018

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    1. Ron Mexico
      Ron Mexico
      It was a 1 time thing but it was a lot of fun.
    2. ema
      I checked aybars' experience, typical turkish adventurer:) Also made some digging and found more fellow countrymen, sepanol, "memo is money" and Illyasova... and jazzyapma(I'm not sure about this one)
    3. ema
      Oh, now I get it, I was a long reader of this forum(not strictly though) and remember that poster. Off-topic, aybars is also turkish isn't he?
    4. ema
      "that's weird. didn't happen to me. or I didn't realized it happened."

      Don't know really, they approved my first 4 posts, after then it still says it needs to be approved by a moderator for each posts, I feel unwanted here :(
    5. ema
      Hmm, you have 130 posts here, give me a few days, I will read them too:), right now I'm just trying to learn the site... They don't allow me to post without moderator approval yet :(
    6. ema
      Nice, I read that site regularly(and your entries too), it's a nice surprise to find you here. :)
      You're right about Enes, he has great potential, I can't wait to watch him next season with more mins...
    7. ema
      Hey, (merhaba), do you write on some dictionary site with that nick? If so, I read quite amount of your entries there...
    8. HeavenHarris
      why do you ask?
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