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  • Hey, Babe, you know that was my father's nickname -- Babe, they named him after Babe Ruth. Anyway, since you know so many people, maybe you can help me promote my fantasy novel, or get me an agent. I severed relations with the prospective publisher who was going to publish this month. Check my blog for an idea of what it's about: tomcalarco.com/blog. So, do you live in the SLC area?
    What was it Shakespeare wrote. . . . "Me thinkest thou denyist overmuch". . . .. probably lies at the root of a lot of denials. . . . double entendre applies too.
    Marx is not unlike Darwin in the sense they were both just leeching off of other people's ideas. Marx was just repeating/expanding on Adam Weishaupt and like you said Marxism didn't have appeal until globalists got a hold of it. Neither did evolution pre-the Huxley family.

    It's funny because Joe McCarthy of course was going nuts about communist subversion, and everybody thought he was nuts, yet 5 years ago the KGB unclassified files and nearly everything he was saying was true.
    Yes, I have read Skousen books and have social contacts with the current generation. Joel says Lyndon LaRouche is a "front" for the marxists, but that is not true. LaRouche had contacts with them and some union factions once, but it is more of a case that the marxists have listened to him on a few points and stopped quoting marx. They are all top-down thinkers, elitists and are none of them true proponents of human liberty and human rights. I believe marxism was originally a Brit psy-op program designed to crowd American ideals out of the market. I believe that today the Russians and Chinese are becoming less controlled by the Brit operations, and that they like to listen to LaRouche when he goes off on the Brits.

    LaRouche actually believes in a sort of Renaisance ideal/pro-Catholic romance about human creativity and genius in the tradition of Leonardo Da Vinci.
    Just saw your rep. I do actually like Skousen a lot. Joel Skousen who is a relation of Cleon and essentially his protege is pretty amazing as well. You should look him up if you haven't heard him.
    So, just a few questions. Doesn't the Book of Mormon also say there is no hell, like no actual cauldrons of burning sulfur stuffed with horribly and endlessly suffering sinnners, but that it is actually a mental condition involving perhaps equally horrific anguish for sins, such as the one about telling lies?

    Consider me a friend if you wish, but please look for the irony or other forms of tortured humor in whatever I try to say. I have recently been banned from Hell and it's really making it hard for me to just go on being "funny". And more to the point, it's made me a bit blind to similar forms of humor emanating from other sufferers in the hells of our own minds. . . . .

    I see in the threads that you are preparing some lessons for the LDS Elders in your ward. When I imagine torment of the very most insufferable sort, preparing lessons for Elders comes up pretty high on my list. You have my complete sympathy, Elder.
    "Wo unto the liar, for he shall be thrust down to hell." -- 2 Nephi, 9:34

    Just thought you should know, liar.
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