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    Gauging interest in doing an nfl mock draft

    I’d do it if you can get enough. Green Bay Packers.
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    Let's play remember when

    Core 4
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    Udunka bout to get some-Today 1:00 PM

    Glad there’s no break or dislocation. It looked pretty bad. Guess this might be a redshirt year for both Dok and Hughes.
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    GLeague Stuff

    Utah is more open than most states. Not sure if SLC would have the resources needed to operate an 18-team bubble, but I’d sure like to see them try to pitch the idea.
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    Jazz covid thread

    HIPPA boss. Just because we’d like to know details doesn’t mean they should be readily available unless the player decides to release them.
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    Article on Ryan Smith

    Pretty sure I read somewhere today that he’s 42.
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    2020 Free Agency Thread

    I’d be interested.
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    2020 Free Agency Thread

    I probably would’ve matched it if I were them.
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    2020 Free Agency Thread

    I would have easily been willing to make that swap and see if he could unlock some of that potential.
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    Jazz select Udoka Azubuike with pick 27 & trade Tony Bradley + pick 38 to the Pistons

    P3 baby! Just wait til Dok puts on 20 lbs of muscle in the off-season. I don’t hate the pick. Didn’t agree at first, but I’ve warmed up to him since the draft. My hope is he works his *** off in the gym and goes Bull Kanter over time. He’s certainly strong and skilled at what he does. I feel...
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    Hayward opted out

    I’ve really enjoyed watching some Boston fans melt down over Hayward opting out and leaving. Hopefully, there’s more tears and anguish. Hell, I hope he regains his form and is an All Star in Charlotte. That’ll piss them off even more.
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    2020 Free Agency Thread

    Wings still left? It would be good to upgrade over Tucker if possible. Kent Bazemore Shaq Harrison Glenn Robinson III Torrey Craig I’d be happy with any of them for additional depth.
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    2020 Free Agency Thread

    Thats a good deal for the Suns - thought he’d get more.
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    2020 Free Agency Thread

    I’m hopeful that Hughes will turn out to be a steal. Lots to like about him.
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    Best remaining 2/3 or 3/4 for BAE?

    Don’t think we’ll see who rounds out this group until after most teams who are going to use the full MLE are done shopping. Would love Crowder back, but I think he’ll end up staying in Miami tbh.