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    Wilt Chamberlain
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    Joe Dimaggio
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    the HOT SAUCE thread

    The best hot sauces I have tried recently are Cutino's chipotle and Heatonist's Los Calientes. Both have fantastic flavor and just the right punch of heat and won't burn your tongue.
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    HBO’s The Outsider

    I'm loving this show. I haven't read much as I'm trying to avoid the spoilers but I hope it's a one season show rather than being stretched out.
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    Bring back neg/pos

    Preach on!
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    2019 JazzFanz Award - First Team All-JazzFanz

    Yeah, my bad. It should have been aintnuthin. Sho 'nuff. *edit...of course @One Brow liked this since we all know he IS aintnuthin.
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    2019 JazzFanz Award - First Team All-JazzFanz

    Pearl, JohnDeereJerry, TaterMoog, @bordelais7, and OldSchoolRules/LostTacoVendor That's my All Jazzfanz First Team.
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    Ryan Adams

    I feel the same. His first two solo albums are so damn good but it's going to be hard to listen to them any time soon. I knew he was an *******. I just didn't think he was such a piece of ****.
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    The R.I.P. Thread

    Not to mention $23 for a beer, burger, and fries.
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    The R.I.P. Thread

    Upper Bowl. From $12 per seat to $30. I was paying about that much a few seasons ago when I was on Row 7 and then they reduced the price to more than half of that for rows 8 and back, so I moved to Row 10. Now I'm going to move to my couch and watch the games instead.
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    The R.I.P. Thread

    RIP me as a Jazz season ticket holder. 150% price increase next year? Just because I'm bereaved doesn't make me a sap!
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    The Return -- Celtics @ Jazz 11/9/2019 7:30 pm MST ESPN

    Gordon, do you know what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps? Do you know, Gordon?
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    Prop 2 Utah

    Out of curiosity, how would you have voted before the statement? I have someone VERY close to me who has used marijuana to alleviate the effects of chemotherapy and they said it was the one thing that helped get them through day to day, post-treatment. I have someone else VERY close to me who...
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    Official Jazzfanz Poker Tournament and Viewing Party -- Game 3 -- 4-21 @ 4pm

    Sorry, I have a conflict that night. The Jazz are playing and my *** will be in the arena. What's a pederast, Walter?
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    "Shut up and dribble"

    I'm sure they tell Curt Schilling to stick to talking about baseball and Mike Ditka to talk about football. For that matter, turmp to stick to talking about declaring bankruptcy and starring in reality shows.
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    Jazz: Thank you Gordon

    I would have changed the first word.
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    [Jones]BREAKING: Jazz willing to engage Celtics in S&T talks: But Gordon Hayward must agree

    Hoping we can bring Jae-ZZ and his #99 to town.
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    Derrick Favors tweets: "Never Forget"

    I wonder if it's just that #20 didn't forget that the Jazz didn't willingly extend him and made him go out on the market to determine his worth?
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    Tyronne Wallace

    When was the last time this happened?
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    Tyronne Wallace

    I can't count the times I thought while watching the Jazz/Warriors series that what the Jazz need in order to beat the Warriors are D-League guys. We already have Shelvin on a Plate.