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  1. gomretat

    2 Free Tickets For Tonight

    Upper bowl Section 111 2nd row. Best seats in the upper bowl. First taker gets them. You can message me or just post on this thread.
  2. gomretat

    Where Do the Jazz Finish?

    Where do we finish? I think moving up with the number of games left is tough. Legit shot at 7 or 8 but that means a strong finish unless some team in front of us has a injury to a key player.
  3. gomretat

    Which Teams Go After Hayward

    I noticed all year that a number of other fan boards were talking about how much they would like Hayward. Last night the first post on the first thread I opened on Clutch City (I went there to celebrate the complete destruction of my least favorite team) mentioned getting Hayward as the...
  4. gomretat

    Chris Johnson is cut Sounds like a tough call but there was no way to keep him and have a 2nd true center on the roster.
  5. gomretat

    The Real Decision - Gobert and Burke

    The good news is that this really does look like a deep draft and having the number 5 pick is not a bad place to be. The other good news is that the Jazz still have assets that are valuable and a lot of cap space to play with. So making a move is still very possible. Obviously getting in the...
  6. gomretat

    Its Not About Tanking

    I keep reading threads about the Jazz wanting to tank next year and I don't think that is the issue. We have 2 young bigs who were both drafted number 3 in the draft. We have 2 number 9 picks who are still young. And we have a number 12 pick. How many high draft picks do we need to help us...
  7. gomretat

    Burke or McCollum

    While I am glad we got one of the best PG's in the draft, I am not sure Burke is my first choice. I wonder if McCollum is a better long term answer in Utah. Not sure I see the upside with Burke that I do with CJ. So I am curious what others think. I was a Chris Paul fan over Deron as well so...
  8. gomretat

    Frank's Thoughts on Scott

    I admit I have always been a huge fan of Frank Layden and any fan of the Utah Jazz who knows the history of this franchise can't help but admire what he did in the early years. He is not happy about the way his son was dealt with in the hiring KOC's replacement. See the link below. I am not...
  9. gomretat

    Is Mo An Upgrade?

    After acquiring Mo I commented how much I liked the energy he plays with and that I am glad to have him back. I also mentioned that I am sure there will be plenty of games that this board rips him a new one just as was done with Harris. Since then I have found it informative that not one...
  10. gomretat

    Alec or Wes

    I get why the Jazz didn't resign Wes given what Portland gave him, particularly what it meant in terms of total dollars given that it made us spend luxury tax dollars above and beyond his salary. That being said, letting him walk is at the top of my list of former players I wish we still had...
  11. gomretat

    Chill Folks

    Before the season began, many of us said the Jazz were somewhere around a 30 - 32 win team. This is what a 30 win team does people. They have ups and downs - times of good basketball and times of bonehead mistakes. We have young players figuring out where they fit and how to play. We have...
  12. gomretat

    If Stockton Were Playing Now

    Anyone with ESPN insider - How does it say Stock would do in today's NBA? Looks like an interesting article...
  13. gomretat

    CJ Fredette?

    Jimmer has incredible range. Some of his shots are spectacular. His 15 -minute stretch against Utah is the most incredible 15-minute stretch I have seen at a college level. He has great upper body strength. He elevates quickly and well on his jumper. His step back jumper is very effective...
  14. gomretat

    Playoff Talk Premature

    I was amazed last night at Boler, Harp, and Thurl taking so matter of fact that this team is in the playoffs next year. Do they not realize we finished the season on a 12 - 30 run? I think trading Deron was the right thing and said so at the time. I like our young guys and think we can get a...
  15. gomretat

    Is it LeBron's Fault?

    In all the articles I have read about Sloan’s retirement, the one I found most fascinating was one that alluded to how LeBron has changed the NBA and the attitudes of star players. His decision to join ranks has a number of players – those who genuinely care about winning a ring – now focused...
  16. gomretat

    Jazz vs Bulls - Who is Better?

    Glad to have Al in town, but I am not buying that the Jazz are better than they were last year. We might match up better against a few teams, but unless AK and Hay have very good seasons, we are in the same range of low 50 wins. What's more, I think the Bulls have greatly improved by picking...