1. GVC

    NBA 2K17 Dream Team Trailer

    So...I usually hate the whining about the the Jazz not receiving recognition from fans, the media and others, but I thought this was worth mentioning. In the new NBA 2K17 trailer -- which shows a matchup between the 1992 Dream Team and the current TEAM USA -- the only Dream Team players that...
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    Official Stanley Cup Final Thread

    Go Sharks!
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    Dante Exum Adidas Colorway

    Don't know if this is common knowledge, but there's a Dante Exum Utah Jazz colorway for the Adidas 2015 Crazylight Boost - on sale for $99.99. I'm tempted to get a pair (although I think a pair of Brandblacks - J Crossover 2 or 3, once they release - or the new DRose would suit me better). This...
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    Gordon Hayward and the 2015 Draft

    2 part question: 1. What's the difference in wins between the following two lineups next season? Lineup A 4/5: Favors/Kanter/Evans/Gobert 3: Marvin/Hood 1/2: Burke/Burks/Exum Lineup B 4/5: Favors/Kanter/Evans/Gobert 3: Hayward/Hood 1/2: Burke/Burks/Exum 2. How good is the 2015 draft? Given...
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    5+ 24-and-under players with 40+ games & 10+ FGA/game

    Here's the list of NBA teams (among current franchises, at least) that have had 5+ 24-and-under players who played 40+ games and averaged 10+ FGA/game: 1964/65 Detroit Pistons 2013/14 Utah Jazz
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    Trey-Alec-Gordo-Favors-Enes -9 Last Night in 12 Minutes

    Thought it was worth pointing out.
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    What's Worse?

  8. GVC

    Jeremy Evans Highlights

    Would be awesome if someone could put together some Evans highlights from the last two games.
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    How Many More Games Will Favors Take Off?

    Hard to win when your franchise defender takes consecutive road games off.
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    Gordon Hayward: Pull Up/Drive Weekly Update

    The NBA is already providing some of the stats from the newly installed SportVU cameras (2 useful links: 1 and 2). Included in these stats are drives and pull up jumper stats. Since Gordo is going to be depended on with the ball in his hands this season, these stats will give us an indication of...
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    Millsap and The Stretch Provision

    Another re-sign Millsap thread (I know, I know...FWIW I wouldn't be upset if he's let go). Just thought mentioning the stretch provision for those worried about how re-signing a Jazz player might affect the team's ability to re-sign current and future young players. The new CBA includes a...
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    Mo-Foye-Al v. Burks-Carroll-Kanter

    More fun with NBA.com's new stats. Among Jazz regulars (that is, players not named Raja, Murphy or Jeremy), the top 3 in +/- per48 are Carroll, Kanter and Burks. The bottom 3 are Mo, Al and Foye. Their respective +/- performance is: Carroll: +5.7 per48 Kanter: +5.2 per48 Burks: +4.6 per48...
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    Al/Paul Lineups since 2010/11

    Posted some of this stuff in the game thread, but thought it was thread-worthy (Yay! Another Al hate thread...). Following are the +/- stats from the last 3 seasons (10/11 - 12/13) for lineups featuring one, both or neither of Al and Paul. 10/11 When Al and Millsap were on the court...
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    STATS LLC - No Jazz

    This might not belong in this forum, but thought it was worth putting here. https://www.grantland.com/blog/the-triangle/post/_/id/50343/the-height-of-wonkery-an-in-depth-look-at-the-nba-with-the-most-innovative-technology-available This is exactly the kind of data I'd want in trying to build a...
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    Enes Kanter's Last 10 Games

    Kanter has played less than 10 minutes in only 5 games this season. All of them have been in the last 10. Over those 10 games, these are his stats: 23/35 FG (8.0/12.2 per36); .657 FG% 6/8 FT (2.1/2.8 per36); .750 FT% .675 TS% 10.3 mpg (103:05) 18.2 Points per36 10.5 Rebounds per36 (12-18-30)...
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    Gordo: Jazz Leading Per Minute Scorer. Extension?

    Gordo just moved ahead of Al in per minute scoring at 18.6 pts/36. Dude's TS% stands at a respectable .559 (17th of 64 qualified SGs per Hollinger/ESPN). Dude's eligible for an extension in the Summer. How much would you be willing to give him per season on a 4 year extension (that is, if he's...
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    Infraction for Misspelling "Millsap"

    Seriously. This should be a thing.
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    Rep Sucks

    All the Rep jockying, especially by the slack-jawed STG'ers, is ruining Jazzfanz. That is all.
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    Impressed With Ty

    Anyone else happy with what Ty's trying to do? There's an article in the Trib with a quote from Mo talking about how Ty has emphasized getting out in transition to use the Jazz wings' athleticism. He's also trying to run more stuff through Jefferson in the high post (with an assortment of cross...
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    Ty Lawson

    Maybe I'm an idiot and missed it, but all those July rumors of Ty Lawson's extension being imminent didn't turn into anything, and there's a good chance he'll be a (restricted) free agent next summer. Assuming Millsap is retained and Al let go, what's the most you'd be willing to offer per year...