1. leftyjace

    POLL: How has COVID affected your job?

    Just curious how we have been affected by current circumstances.
  2. leftyjace

    Is anybody else missing baseball besides me?

    Just curious. This is the lamest spring ever.
  3. leftyjace

    Oathbringer - anybody else getting excited?

    Book 3 of the Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson. Should be a doosie. The ending to the 2nd book blew my mind.
  4. leftyjace

    Wall Street Journal - any delivery subscribers?

    So when I was in Grad school (EMBA program at the U), I had a subscription to the WSJ included with my program enrollment. I got both the paper and digital versions of the WSJ. So on December 20th I decided to give myself a subscription to the WSJ again for a Christmas present. I subscribed...
  5. leftyjace

    Grayson Allen - does he see the court soon?

    What do you guys think of Grayson Allen? Is it a coincidence that this highly skilled, spoiled rotten brat looks like he could be Johnny Manziel's brother? Does he see the court again sometime soon? Does Coach Mike K have the balls to keep him off the court for the rest of the year?
  6. leftyjace

    Two tickets to TOOL @ Maverik Center on Mon. 10/24 For Sale

    Hey everybody, I bought 6 tickets to TOOL but only need 4. Lower bowl. Hit me up if interested.
  7. leftyjace

    USMNT vs. Cuba @ 4pm ET, ESPN2

    Anybody going to watch this? I'm excited to watch Pulisic play a bit more. That kids is like an American Messi.
  8. leftyjace

    Funny Story about Dodo's Wife

    So I'm up at the U a few times this week. There's this woman there that looks horribly familiar to me, to the point of bugging me because I feel like I should be able to place it, but I just assumed it was either because I'd seen her around campus or done business with her in the past or...
  9. leftyjace


    Are there any Esperanto speakers on this board? Ĉu estas esperantistoj sur tiu forumaro?
  10. leftyjace

    Who do you use for your Internet - and why?

    Just curious. I'm getting ready to cut the cable on... well... cable. Comcast/XFINITY has had my business for a long time, but I wonder what else is out there for good, solid, fast, reliable internet. Does anyone use Vivint Wireless? Advantages/Disadvandages?
  11. leftyjace

    Here we go Yankees, here we go!!!!!!

    Just had to get that out there. Go Yanks! :)
  12. leftyjace

    A-Rod Suspended 162 games (plus postseason)

    So what do you guys think? Too hot? Too cold? Just right?
  13. leftyjace

    Has anyone moved to get away from the inversion/air in SLC?

    Just curious if anyone on here has actually picked up and got the heck out of Dodge - er, SLC - because of health issues related to air quality. If so, where'd you move to? And are there any peoples on here that live in Park City/surrounding areas and work in SLC? Notice a difference when...
  14. leftyjace

    Another OC for the Utes...

    Holy cow, the meltdown on utefans.net is full blown.
  15. leftyjace

    RSL @ Sporting KC - MLS Cup Championship - 2pm MT, ESPN

    This is going to be a tough match. I love RSL and think that there's incredible depth and talent, but KC is tough at home. Who are you taking?
  16. leftyjace

    Should the U.S. and Canada get closer?

    Fascinating OpEd in the Wall Street Journal today, written by a dual citizen. https://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702303997604579238301861025662 Thoughts? Discuss.
  17. leftyjace

    Utah @ Oregon, Sat. 11/16 @ 2pm MT, Fox Sports 1

    I guess there's no game thread for this game yet because everyone knows what an easy win this will be for Utah. But hey - even if we're going to kick the living crap out of the stupid Ducks, we aught to talk about it a little. Go.
  18. leftyjace

    RTS Games

    So I'm getting tired of Age of Empires III. What are some really cool newer RTS games? My all time 5 favorites are Age of Mythology, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, AOE:III, Rome: Total War, and Medieval II: Total War. I also own the Shogun Total War, but... just haven't been able to...
  19. leftyjace

    Utah vs. Arizona State, 11/9 @ 2pm, PAC-12 Network

    I gotta be honest. I think we're going to lose this one. I sure hope we don't. But given all the crap going on, I don't see us winning here. I'll still go / watch the game, though. I'm just wishing we were more competitive this season. Ugh.
  20. leftyjace

    Utah @ USC, Sat. 10/26 2:00pm MT, PAC-12 Networks

    Ya, I'm not making any predictions on this game. Could go either way. I will say this, though - given how our secondary is at times, I'm not sad that Marquis Lee is out for the game. I feel bad for him. Just not for our chances to win.