1. MoTappin

    Jerry Seinfeld Guards Thurl Bailey

    I didn't know Jerry played back in the day. :D This was just too funny not to share with you guys. I don't know if anyone else thinks the guy guarding Thurl is a Jerry Seinfeld doppelgänger.:)
  2. MoTappin

    Gobert: ‘If I listened to projections, I’d be playing in France.'

    Sounds like Rudy's ready to go. Don't count the Jazz out as long as he's here. He also says he wants to stay his whole career. http://www.sltrib.com/home/5498752-155/utah-jazz-dropoff-with-hayward-if Just another "RUDY IS THE MAN" thread.
  3. MoTappin

    DirecTV Now?? New streaming service for $35. Anyone know if Root will be included?

    We "cut the cord" a few years back. We've used SlingTV and liked that, then moved to Sony/Playstation Vue because of some extra channels they had, some of which are no longer in the lineup. But tomorrow, AT&T launches a live streaming service starting at $35/mo, no contract. Initially, those who...
  4. MoTappin

    Unemployment sucks

    My husband was rather unceremoniously laid off a month ago. While he is glad he doesn't have to go back to where he was, being unemployed really sucks, especially with holidays coming up. I have a freelance copywriting/brand consulting business where I am able to help out, but it's nowhere near...
  5. MoTappin

    Hayward finger injury

    Saw a tweet repeated by Jazz Nation on Facebook. Hayward dislocated a finger on his left hand. Evaluating for next steps and will probably miss some time.
  6. MoTappin

    My daughter needs 50 responses for this survey question

    She has to make a table for math. Question is: do you prefer chocolate, vanilla, neither, or both? Ice cream for example...but she just needs 50 answers she can make the table with. Thanks all! ETA...she got them all, thanks!
  7. MoTappin

    It's April 8th. Happy Dog Farting Awareness Day.

    For real. There's a Facebook page and that makes it official. https://www.facebook.com/dogfarting
  8. MoTappin

    Husband lost job...networking!

    Hey guys, My husband lost his job yesterday. :( He's in software project management, and has experience most recently in K-12 education software, then workflow management and financial systems. Any tech companies or software/consulting you work at or know of who are hiring, I'd...
  9. MoTappin

    Best alternatives to cable??

    Which is best: Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu+? Parental controls are big and we don't want adult content coming in. We are tired of paying for cable only to watch like 10 channels and often find nothing on that we want to watch. HOWEVER, we definitely want to see the Jazz games, Utah...
  10. MoTappin

    Cool story about JLIII

    I know, I know...But this is a cool story about the guy being a class act. Gave me new respect for him as a person. https://www.ksl.com/?sid=27866701&nid=1286&title=a-few-slices-of-holiday-spirit-from-a-thoughtful-jazz-guy&fm=home_page&s_cid=featured-4 Here is a snippet, but you should...
  11. MoTappin

    New Jazz app?

    Hey guys, I know the old app was phased out over the summer, but I haven't seen anything about the new one they were supposed to be putting out. Anyone know anything?
  12. MoTappin

    Seen this awesome tweet from Burke?

    Trey Burke (@Trey_Burke3) tweeted at 9:37 AM on Sat, Jun 29, 2013: After being in my home for the weekend, I know this is a place I want to spend my whole career! I love city, fans & organization. #utahjazz (https://twitter.com/Trey_Burke3/status/351001468834291712) This makes me soooo...
  13. MoTappin

    Anybody have chickens or other poultry birds?

    Been thinking about getting some ducks. Anybody got experience with ducks or chickens? We want the eggs, but we don't want a wrecked yard.
  14. MoTappin

    50 Ways to Say Goodbye - freaking funny

    I don't know if you guys are fans of Train (I am), but have you listened to the lyrics of this song or seen the video? It's hilarious! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGzlMD4KM04
  15. MoTappin

    Article: Change needed in Jazz front court

    Typos aside, an interesting article. https://www.theprobasketballtalk.com/2013/01/the-frontcourt-change-is-needed-in-utah.html Thoughts? I actually wouldn't mind seeing the Jazz move both guys as long as they get good pieces in return. I do find it strange they didn't even mention Kanter.
  16. MoTappin

    Is this a basketball team, or just a business?

    I was thinking about this at the game last night. Greg Miller is a businessman, first and foremost. I think it's obvious that he doesn't have the same passion for this team that Larry did. Is Greg (and other management) just managing this team to fill seats & run a viable business? Because...
  17. MoTappin

    Raja to Clippers?

    RT@AlexKennedyNBA: The Los Angeles Clippers and Utah Jazz have discussed a Raja Bell trade, according to sources. Discuss. Who do we want back if this deal goes through? EDITING: oops sorry, didn't see the other thread down the page.
  18. MoTappin

    KOC is on a plane right now...

    My husband is on his way to Florida this morning on business, first stopping in Atlanta. He messaged me that KOC is on the plane. Of course it could be nothing. I'm not sure if there are in-person meetings or evaluations before trades. Wonder if he's getting off in Atlanta or somewhere...
  19. MoTappin

    Rumor I heard about DWill

    My husband has a friend at work whose buddy owns or manages a Greek restaurant in Murray, UT that Deron used to frequent (they have a special named after him). According to the guy at the restaurant (who my husband's friend says got to be pretty chummy with Deron), Amy (Deron's wife) isn't too...
  20. MoTappin

    Shaun Powell @ NBA.com picks Jazz #5 in West?

    At least if these are in order: Eight playoff teams in the West. Thunder, Clippers, Mavericks, Grizzlies, Jazz, Blazers, Spurs, Lakers. Nuggets miss out. Lakers will be lucky to get the eight seed if Kobe's body doesn't make it through the 66-game grind in one piece...