1. Mambo

    James Harden traded to Rockets for Kevin Martin/Jeremy Lamb

    Breaking News. Check Twitter Rockets receive: James Harden Cole Aldrich Lazar Hayward Daequan Cook Thunder receive: Kevin Martin Jeremy Lamb Future draft considerations
  2. Mambo

    Jazz debut in ESPN Power Rankings at #16

    Seems about right, though I feel like the Bulls/Denver/Nets/T-Wolves/Dallas are over-hyped. https://espn.go.com/nba/powerrankings/_/year/2013/week/-1
  3. Mambo

    Carlos Boozer being Carlos Boozer

  4. Mambo

    New Alternate Jazz Jerseys

    I like them.
  5. Mambo

    CJ growing the kobe fro?

    recently with my jazz stalking prowess I found that CJ uploaded this photo on his facebook. Trying to get the kobe hair so he can play like him? Yes this is news because of this bull$@!* lockout
  6. Mambo

    Ex Jazz man Jose Ortiz arrested

    For having 218 pot plants and 40 rifles https://www.babelation.com/feed/ex-nba-player-jose-ortiz-arrested-having-218-pot-plants-40-automatic-riffles
  7. Mambo

    LOL boozer being replaced by taj gibson in crunch time.

    Loozer being Loozer
  8. Mambo

    TNT Utah Jazz "Gon Fishin" 2010-2011

    Utah Jazz "Gon Fishin" 2010-2011
  9. Mambo

    Team youll be rooting for in the playoffs?

    For me it will have to my hometown team. The Portland Trailblazers Wesley, Wallace, and Aldridge are gonna go HAM
  10. Mambo

    Kris Humphries since All Star Break

    Since all star break he's had 7 double doubles out of 8 games: 16 points 15 rebounds 19 points (8/8 shooting) 20 rebounds 11 points 15 rebounds 4 blocks 20 points 17 rebounds 18 points 17 rebounds 4 blocks 16 points 15 rebounds 13 points 11 rebounds Deron Williams making him have...
  11. Mambo

    Devin Harris has been to the finals.

    Something Deron never achieved. Jazz/Harris - 1 Deron/Nets - 0
  12. Mambo

    Pillow Talk: Inside Source Anne Johnson ( Phil Johnson`s wife)

    Ive had the privilege of being able to meet Anne a few times and even go to Jazz games with her (she has 4 tickets 12th row behind the visitors bench) My Grandma and her have been friends for about 15 years now (since my grandma opened up a beauty supply shop) Today, my grandma called...
  13. Mambo

    Will Deron get booed tomorrow?

    Im leaning 70/30 yes
  14. Mambo

    Caption this Pic

    Too soon?
  15. Mambo

    Just saw Paul Millsap at best buy.

    No joke. He was buying boomboxes.
  16. Mambo

    Caption this Pic.

  17. Mambo

    Stumbled Across this Pic.

    These faces are priceless.
  18. Mambo

    Jazz Player look alike thread.

    AL Jefferson: Flo Rida: Post yours.
  19. Mambo

    Karl Malone Appreciation Thread

    With Karl getting inducted into the Hall of Fame this month. I thought we should all talk/reminisce about the greatest PF to play the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7_R4H7u4jU 50 Pts at the age of 37 2 x NBA MVP (1997, 1999) 13 x NBA All-Star (1988, 1989, 1990, 1991...
  20. Mambo

    Jazz vs Suns - Oct 28th, on TNT 8:30 PM MT

    Dont know if its our first game of the season. Since I think the season starts on the 26th. Suns? really?? Edit: It will be our first game of the season. Played at ESA! Next game will be on OCT 31st (Halloween) @ OKC. that should be a good one