1. Mambo

    Game thread: Jazz @ Bulls - Nov 8 - 6PM MST - ROOT Sports

    We dominate the PG matchup so I like our chances. Jazz win by 11
  2. Mambo

    ESPN top 10 for 2018-2019

    So annoyed with speculation, especially if its 4+ years away. Lets watch them develop and save the assumptions for someone else.
  3. Mambo

    Preseason Game: The Jazz @ Lakers ...Countdown to the Regularity...

    Why we sportin that old jazz logo that symbolizes getting dominated by the lakers in the playoffs????
  4. Mambo

    July 9th, Summer League Game 2: Jazz vs Rockets 1:00 PM MT

    This is my only account is youre thinking otherwise. Im always reading what you knuckleheads have to say but now im actually interested in the teams well-being enough to come outta my hiatus of not posting
  5. Mambo

    July 9th, Summer League Game 2: Jazz vs Rockets 1:00 PM MT

    I know its just summer league but **** the rockets lets win.
  6. Mambo

    Grantland Article about Utah Trades and Approach to Free Agency

    Just contradicting himself at the end. Why would we acquire two decent assets and get the 6-8 seed and do the ritual sacrifice to OKC/Clippers/Spurs? Let the youth movement grow and see if we can net a few more good pieces next year in a better FA class and a better draft class.
  7. Mambo

    Bring back Sasha!

    Lol @ my angsty 2010 self & @ scootsy having no life and bumping posts like this
  8. Mambo

    how can jazz not make the playoff?

    Spurs/OKC/Clippers/Rockets/Warriors/Memphis should all be a lock if injuries dont come into account. That leaves two spots for Portland/Dallas/Sac/NO/Jazz to fight over. Its possibly but that would mean a smooth transition for Burke into the league and for our C4 to play amazing.
  9. Mambo

    **** THE OFFICIAL: Why Jazz Fanz should be EXCITED thread ****

    Havent felt this excited about a season since 06-07
  10. Mambo

    Trey Burke is the 4/1 favorite to win Rookie of the Year

    Who is going to start at PG besides Burke?? Tinsley? Ty cant be that insane
  11. Mambo

    Who is going to score?

    Kanter 17ppg/9rbs/3asts Burke 17ppg/6asts Burks 14ppg/3asts/5rbs Hayward 16ppg/6asts/5rbs Favors 13ppg/10rbs/2blks Bench: 20-25ppg This is my most optimistic prediction
  12. Mambo

    Warriors and Jazz Mega Trade

    Better to save that 24mil for the FA class of 2014 which includes a lot of studs than pissing it away this season on vets that will only take up minutes from our youth development. We also will be able to make a move @ the trade deadline as well
  13. Mambo

    Warriors and Jazz Mega Trade

    Love this trade. Gives a lot of flexibility going forward & also gives us chips to use @ the trade deadline. Means the youth movement is on full force and we will be able to enjoy watching the future of our team develop. This team could get a playoff birth which would be amazing, so much better...
  14. Mambo

    Most Hated Rival/Org

    and people saying Lakers are obviously confused with what the definition of a Rival is.
  15. Mambo

    Most Hated Rival/Org

    Houston is easily #1
  16. Mambo

    Hayward Over George Looking Good Still

    Lets just be real the only reason the Jazz drafted hayward was for jersey sells to all the mormons.
  17. Mambo

    Hayward Over George Looking Good Still

    I was referring to players that were active in the league, and of course michael jordan is a given, and the fact you have to state something that is already known world wide reflects on your intelligence in understanding the given is left unsaid by intelligent folks because it does not provide...
  18. Mambo

    Hayward Over George Looking Good Still

    U ALWAYS DRAFT players with two first names, Chris Paul, Ray Allen, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Vince Carter, hell even Carmelo Anthony. Paul George will be in the discussion with these players (aside James/Chris Paul/Tim Duncan) when its all said n done...
  19. Mambo

    If only we had a Big as NASTY as Zach Randolph...

    KG would be the best big man teacher. Dude would turn favors into a monster. I dont get how people hate on KGs mentality, its just a more dramatic Noah. Dude gets in everybodys head and has the "**** everyone that isnt wearing my color" mentality.
  20. Mambo

    Fire Ty

    lol this is what bobcat fans say