1. Zombie

    House fire

    Well tonight sucked the big one. Somehow my electric smoker caught my porch on fire and it got to the exterior wall to my dining room. Luckily I live really close to a fire house so it was handled incredibly quickly. Does anyone here happen to have any experience in this kind of situation or...
  2. Zombie

    Whistleblower allegations against LDS Church

    https://www.businessinsider.com/mormon-church-ensign-100-billion-in-tax-exempt-accounts-whistleblower-2019-12 Thoughts?
  3. Zombie

    Congressman and Civil Rights Leader Elijah Cummings has died

  4. Zombie

    Trump abandons Kurdish allies to Turkish invasion

    This will effectively put the region into Turkish control, and cast the fate of thousands of captured ISIS prisoners into doubt. I don't know what options the Kurds have here. This statement doesn't read like there was consultation with either the State Dept, or DoD, the language is very...
  5. Zombie

    Right Wing Terrorism

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49803732 Looks like another right wing terrorist plot was foiled. "According to charging documents, Mr Smith had been in contact since 2016 with another American, Craig Lang, who had travelled to Ukraine to fight for a paramilitary nationalist group...
  6. Zombie

    Kavanaugh Back in the News

    The NYT has reported that one of the women who had accused current SC Justice Kavanaugh of sexual assault had corroboration for her account of his behavior at Yale, and that individual contacted the FBI, but they never investigated the claim. It's really cool that the vetting process for a...
  7. Zombie

    Headband Ban To End

  8. Zombie

    Steve King Goes to bat for Rape and Incest

    I truly hope this is the worst thing I read today.
  9. Zombie

    Eat the rich

    https://www.propublica.org/article/university-of-illinois-financial-aid-fafsa-parents-guardianship-children-students Discuss. From WSJ's write up.
  10. Zombie

    Equifax Settlement= Easy Money

    If you guys want to make a quick 125 bucks (well, maybe not so quick it'll be months before they actually issue payments) today is your lucky day! Equifax was hit with a class action lawsuit stemming from their negligence in safeguarding our credit information. The website to claim a settlement...
  11. Zombie

    Rudy is DPOY for the second year in a row

    Congrats Rudy!
  12. Zombie

    Pardoning of War Criminals

    Anyone care to defend this?
  13. Zombie

    Could've been worse

    Tonight was an absolute disaster but... Grayson Allen scored forty points in what was arguably an actual NBA game. letsgooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
  14. Zombie


    Anybody else a fan of this channel? I just started watching it a few days ago, and it's quite well done, very entertaining. Her somewhat recent episode on Incels might be the best on the topic on the whole of YouTube.
  15. Zombie

    Amazon Lord of the Rings Prequel

    I don't know how many LOTR nerds there are around here but seeing this today got me super hyped. I was worried they were going to hew too close to the events of The Lord of the Rings but instead it looks like the series will be set in the second age of the Tolkien mythos, thousands of years...
  16. Zombie

    General Mattis To Resign

    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-mattis-letter/mattis-in-resignation-letter-lays-bare-divide-with-trump-idUSKCN1OJ2XN The timing on this suggests Syrian troop withdrawal was the final straw of many policy and worldview differences between Trump and Mattis. Dark days ahead I'm afraid.
  17. Zombie

    Allen and Niang assigned to the Stars

    Good move imo, and not all that unexpected now that we're home for a little while.
  18. Zombie


    Is the new team hashtag replacing #takenote. Are we in or out? I think it's kind of generic, but it does fit our 'strength of the team is the team' mindset.
  19. Zombie

    Utah Jazz v Toronto Raptors Oct 2 2018 Preseason Game Thread

    Putting zero effort into this because this is just so alt13 will shut up about it. Sorry not sorry.
  20. Zombie

    *BREAKING* Manafort Found Guilty on Eight Counts as Cohen Pleads Guilty to Eight Counts

    Insane that both of these events took place within minutes of each other. Manafort is found guilty on charges of bank and tax fraud, facing up to 80 years in prison. Michael Cohen is pleading guilty to campaign finance violations, claiming to have done so at the direction of 'The Candidate'...