1. Ironankle

    Rudy Curry

    [emoji102][emoji102][emoji102][emoji102] Sent from my MI 9 using JazzFanz mobile app
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    Donovan over Ben Simmons on 2k20

    Just for the pleasure [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji1787]!!! Sent from my MI 9 using JazzFanz mobile app
  3. Ironankle

    Some love for Rudy!

    We will know tonight the result for DPOY 2019. Do you think Rudy is favorite tonight? Sent from my MI 9 using JazzFanz mobile app
  4. Ironankle

    Grayson Allen Summer league games

  5. Ironankle

    Gasol's charity summer game

    Did you see that guys? Ricky and Jimmy Butler played together in the Pau Gasol's team against Marc's team. I didn't see the game but seems that Ricky was on fire on the 3 points and score 31 points in the games. I wonder how was the reunion between Ricky and butler after what happened during the...
  6. Ironankle

    Rudy Team France FIBA World cup qualifiying 2018

    Here a thread about Rudy's game with French national team for the FIBA World cup qualifying.
  7. Ironankle

    Nigel Williams-Goss

    Can someone help me to understand his situation? He played this year for the Partizan and won a MVP. Is it interesting to replace him against Neto next year and if yes, the Jazz still have his right or not? Don't really remember which kind of player he is, his weakness and his strengh but his...
  8. Ironankle

    DPOY 2018

    Do you think that Rudy can be in the race of the Dpoy this year? Sent from my SM-A520F using JazzFanz mobile app