1. Rimcheck

    Stats that warm the soul and put a smiles on faces

    Now, I am not a big Jordan fan and DEFINITELY am not a Kobe fan, but I love throwing this stuff at all the Kobe lovers. Maybe I'll have to go make an account on a Lakers board just to post it up. Kobe Bryant is NOT as good or better than Michael Jordan. Lakers picked up their 36th win of the...
  2. Rimcheck

    Swear Jar

    Thought this video was pretty funny. It would likely put Jerry in the poor house. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVP862AVLNY
  3. Rimcheck

    Jazz Bear

    Sweet video. Was very surprised at the list of injuries and the fact that he is still the Bear. Tough dude who loves what he does.
  4. Rimcheck

    Utah Jazz - 'Dream Week'

    Gave me goose bumps. Thanks man.
  5. Rimcheck

    Send the Tyros Down

    I expect to see Hayward and Evans in the D-League as soon as Memo is back and the entire team is healthy.
  6. Rimcheck

    Getting to know Francisco Elson

    So, I've loved what Elson has brought to the team this year thus far but I didn't feel like I knew much about the guy. In fact, I think the only time I've seen him smile is when he picked Griffin's pocket and got the lucky "and one." I thought this video on KSL was great away to see Elson...
  7. Rimcheck

    Bucks @ Jazz | Monday November 29th @ 7pm

    Agreed. Remember when the Nuggets took us out behind the shed and gave us a whoopin without Melo and Chauncy? Not that I want to bring back bad memories or anything. The Jazz just find a way to play up or down to their competition.
  8. Rimcheck

    Jazz vs. Lakers - Christmas Day 1988

    Thanks for posting this up. I love Eaton's block at 6:49. Didn't even jump.
  9. Rimcheck

    Matthews Career Night and Interview

    Man, I miss this kid. Link
  10. Rimcheck

    Memo to players complaining about minutes: Shut Your Mouth!

    Pay me a couple million every year and I'll play as much basketball as anyone wants me to.
  11. Rimcheck

    Jazz @ Magic | Wednesday November 10th @ 5:00pm

    Maybe the state of Florida will want a recount?
  12. Rimcheck

    Jazz @ Oklahoma City | Sunday October 31st @ 5pm

    Holy crap! I didn't get to watch the game today, but I just pulled up the score and about pooped my pants. Amazing win! Nice work Sap, Al, DWill, AK, & CJ.
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    If any players go down hurt, we can always do what we did last year, bring up D-leaguers on 10-day contracts.
  14. Rimcheck

    Carlos Boozer out for 8 weeks right hand

    Not a fan of anyone ever getting hurt, BUT, welcome to Boozer-itis, Chicago.
  15. Rimcheck

    Utah Jazz players in NBA 2k11

    Boozer from the free throw line! Wow, great laugh on a Monday morning. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Rimcheck

    Rare photos of Karl Malone - SI.com

    Some cool pics. https://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/1008/karl.malone.rare.photos/content.19.html
  17. Rimcheck

    I just got married. Advice?

    Lots of posts, but I don't think this one has been mentioned. Don't always try to solve her problems. Men almost always want to put on the "Fix it cap" and rattle off a solution the moment they hear a problem. Here is the key to remember, most women will solve their own problems! All you have to...
  18. Rimcheck

    Smush Parker

    Definitely better than Gaines. I say go for it if we could get him on the cheap for a one year deal. We likely could because he is so eager to get back to the NBA. Is Smush really his given name, or a nickname he has rolled with his whole career?
  19. Rimcheck

    John Stockton - The Ultimate Point Guard

    Loved it when he totally took Jordan with the crossover and blew by him for an easy layup.
  20. Rimcheck

    Goodbye Mr. Siler

    Loved following this guy on Twitter. Best and most timely Jazz info out there. He will be missed.