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  1. sojodave

    The unsolved mystery that is Collin Sexton

    Plus, Sexton had a much better contract than Don
  2. sojodave

    The unsolved mystery that is Collin Sexton

    Plus, Sexton had a much better contract than Don.
  3. sojodave

    Thank You Spida Mitchell!!!

    I've watched the Jazz before Stockton and Malone. Donovan was my all time favorite Jazz player. I understand why we had to trade him, but I'll miss watching him play. Good luck DM.
  4. sojodave

    How Good are We?

    I'm going down to State street today to reserve my spot for the championship parade. WHO'S WITH ME!!!!
  5. sojodave

    Jazz sign 6'8 forward Paris Bass

    Jazz sign Paris Bass, hello championship.
  6. sojodave

    Extra Insight: Donovan's Power Move Destroyed the Lockeroom

    I also heard that Donovan was responsible for high gas prices and inflation. I can't prove it, but I also think he was involved with Russia and that's why they invaded Ukraine.
  7. sojodave

    Assuming we're tanking ...

    It will be a short tank...signed the Sacramento Kings
  8. sojodave

    Bruno is our New Star

    The dude has a 7'7" wingspan and can hit threes...Sign him up. He's a god compared to Royce.
  9. sojodave

    Game Thread Jul 05, 2022 07:00pm: Thunder Vs Jazz (Summer League)

    Quick hitter = dude dribbles 10 times and then shoots
  10. sojodave

    Gobert to Minnesota

    I don't know if this is legit, buttt.......
  11. sojodave

    Gobert to Minnesota

    Cockburn > Walker Kessler
  12. sojodave

    Gobert to Minnesota

    I actually like the idea of getting Deandre Ayton if we could keep some of our firsts we got from Minny.
  13. sojodave

    Gobert to Minnesota

  14. sojodave

    Gobert to Minnesota

    According to the Sportszone, Jazz are looking at a sign and trade with Deandre Ayton and trade some of the first round picks they just got.
  15. sojodave

    Gobert to Minnesota

    Hello Danny, yea, this is Donny. Please trade me asap.
  16. sojodave

    Gobert to Minnesota

    We have been fleeced, we are getting garbage back. Hello tank commander
  17. sojodave

    Gobert to Minnesota