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    Where Do You Live? Inside Utah or Outside? (poll)

    Thailand for me after 12 years in Indonesia and 6 years in France, my country origin. Never been to SLC, only 2 trip to Memphis few years ago to watch Grizz games. Plan a trip in 2024 if we stop tanking ;)
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    Game Thread Oct 02, 2022 04:00PM MT: Jazz at Raptors (Preseason)

    For the defense part, he probably give a call to Don and ask him how to do ;)
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    Predict Our Starting Lineup

    Conley Sexton Beasley Markkanen Olynyk Same for me. Definitly not a tanking starting five.
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    Who should be our the starting guards to start the season?

    Im totally sure Mike will be great this year. Last year he wes really bad as second part of the season just because the team sucks and he was unhappy. He is far from beeing washed and he will prove it. He will be great ( which will hurt the tank) do the best option might be to trade him before...
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    Jazz Media / Content Day

    i will. No chance we are under unless Sexton, Conley, JC, and others miss 40 games each...
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    Jazz Media / Content Day

    Cleveland sucks.....
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    Kelly Olynyk Hype & Appreciation Thread

    Blake Griffin is not that bad too !!!
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    Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

    I agree. We may be not that bad. After maybe Danny was right, he don't wanna go for a long tank.
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    Bojan Bogdanovic appreciation thread

    Rudy, Don, Joey, Bogey....always sad to turn a page.....good luck for him at Detroit.
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    Trade Confirmed: Jazz get jack for Bogey

    I'm still not convince about the all tanking. I'm on the same line with Danny on it. Draft remain a lottery where you must have a lot of chance ( Memphis got it) and if you failed , you stuck for years of mediocrity.
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    Danny Ainge has Traded/Signed for Seven White Players

    I dont give a **** about the color of the player, i just want to have a winning team. If for that we have to hire Smurfs, just do it !
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    Win Totals Over/Under Odds

    Let's wait if any other trade or not. IG no change i see us at 32-37, if we trade Mike and JC, 20-62, we could end bottom of the league.
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    Trade Confirmed: Jazz get jack for Bogey

    A bit of strange trade. Start to be bit lost with the strategy. We still are too good for full tank but not good enough to be competitive. Beeing in the middle is not the best option. I see only 2 explanations : - Danny value those players much more than us and still think we will be better...
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    Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

    Twitter garbage news... forgot 90% of Twitter is garbage anyway,,,
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    Lakers-Jazz Trade

    I don't think Schoreder change a lot things. If they go after some one, it would be Bogey, Beasley and Clarkson.
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    Mitchell says he told Jazz to keep Gobert

    For me i dont mind he is a f... diva as long as we win. Lots of big ego, image oriented players in modern NBA. Why im happy to see him leaving is that we would never had win anything with him ( and Rudy). Time to change.
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    EuroBasket Thread

    Go France ! Hope Rudy and team play well tonight.
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    Mitchell says he told Jazz to keep Gobert

    I can understand Don position. Just as i understand when Rudy was saying they could make it. It's just denying reality but it's hard to admit you failed to make the team win. That's the main problem of the jazz last year , everybody was seeing the problem ( no chemistry, selfish player..) except...
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    Lakers-Jazz Trade

    Yes but in this case, im pretty sure we are to good for tank. Which is a bit strange considering our strategy. The other option is to trade a lot of our picks to get a better one. Could be Danny option. Season start in 10-12 days, we will know really soon.
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    Lakers-Jazz Trade

    +1. That's make them a contender immediatly. Waiting another year or two when you have old player ( LE Bron) and old and injured prone one ( AD) + westbrick is insane for me....