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  1. SoUjazzfan

    Does Quin get fired Tuesday morning?

    If we lose the next two I think it's a high probability. We need a fresh start with a highly motivated coach.
  2. SoUjazzfan

    Why not?

    Set Royce, Joe, Rudy and anyone else nursing a nagging injury or in severe need of a break until the all star break and come back full strength. It gives the young guys a legitimate chance to learn the system at game speed and our best chance going forward to make noise in the playoffs. You'd of...
  3. SoUjazzfan

    Dok injured again Looks bad. This may be the last straw for the big guy.
  4. SoUjazzfan

    Any interest in boogie The main reason (and maybe only reason) I'd do it is to keep him off Lakers, and not even sure then.
  5. SoUjazzfan


    Well now we have him, let's see what happens. Does this change anyone's mind about our off season moves?
  6. SoUjazzfan

    Will the Cavs and Dante beat us next Monday

    I'm really wondering if this could happen. How much would Exum enjoy that?
  7. SoUjazzfan

    So, no one wants to come to Utah....

    Anyone changing their mind?
  8. SoUjazzfan

    No Rubio, no Neto, no problem?

    Looks like the Donovon for point guard crowd get their wish tonight. Rubio and Neto out with hamstring tightness. I'm glad there was a little break for all star, otherwise fatigue from b2b and no pg would scare the hell out of me with with the extra load on Mitchell. Gonna be a tough one tonight.
  9. SoUjazzfan

    Royce is Clicking

    The last couple of weeks he has been arguably our most improved player. What is it that clicked for him? He has been far more confident with his shot, which makes me think the coaches have really been encouraging him to shoot when open. His handles have looked much better also.
  10. SoUjazzfan

    Hood's Return

    IF? Starting to wonder if there is something we're not being told. WHEN? Still looks like there is no real timetable HOW? Will he need multiple games to get back into form and game shape. WHO? Loses minutes. WHY? Do we make him an offer or match if he gets a big one with him always being...
  11. SoUjazzfan

    Exum was solid.

    He had a decent stat line and was even praised by Quin for his defense. I thought his court vision was really good last night, he switched well and stayed in front of his man decently. (Although the Pistons looked as if they were running in mud most of the night). Is this the point where he...