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    Jazz Games on Fubo TV Fubo TV packages start at $64.99 per month.
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    Rudy Is Growing??? He now has a 9'9" standing reach. Maybe next year, he'll be able to touch the rim without jumping.
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    Gobert And Favors Best Defensive Frontcourt...BAM!
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    Game Thread- Brooklyn Nets vs. Rudy & his subordinates

    No Deron, but we are playing our third game in three nights and it probably didn't help that we had to fly from Milwaukee last night. But, if Gobert is playing, I predict a WIN!!!!!! Please let me know when we hear if Favors is going to play? I'll be at the game sitting way up high.
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    Will Trey Ever Shoot Over 40%

    Trey is improving as a passer, but he takes a lot of shots and if he doesn't ever shoot over 40%, the Jazz have big problems at pg. This year he is shooting 33% from the field and 27% from three and he's been averaging 5 three point attempts a game. Do you think Trey will ever shoot over...
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    Jazz Sign Dee

    Dee Bost gets signed by Jazz. I'll be honest, I've heard his name before, but I couldn't pick him out of a lineup.
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    2014/15 Schedule Yikes, we've got a super tough schedule first couple of months. We could pull another 1-14.
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    Now What Am I Going To Do

    * So the season ended and Ty was not renewed. * There was the speculation about who we were going to draft. * Coach Q was hired. * We got Exum and Hood in the draft. * Gordon Hayward got an outrageous contract. * Then summer league started and the new offense was fun to watch. Now what...
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    Time ForThe " Rodney Hood" Hype

    After last nights practice, I'm ready to declare open season for Rodney Hood hype. His jumper is beautiful and I was really impressed how he could fake, put it on the floor, and get to the rim. I may be a little delusional, but... Hood > Jabari Parker Hood > Aaron Gordon (His summer league...
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    DL Practically Begging For Somene To Take 23 & 35 Off His Hands

    Every interview I hear from DL, he is practically begging teams to take 23 & 35 off his hands. If we do trade the picks, I hope we use them to move up from 5, but he keeps talking about bringing in a vet for those picks. Who could we bring in for 23 and 35.
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    Proof We Shouldn't Try And Move Up For Parker

    Tonga is fattest country in the world. This proves it.
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    Would The Jazz Ask For Draft Help From Us? The Kings are seeking help from the public on their draft picks. I guess they are going to end up picking two people to be in the draft room and get some input from them on who...
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    Is Ty Officially Gone?

    From NBA Group on Twitter...The Jazz have cut ties with head coach Ty Corbin. Mitch Lawrence ‏@Mitch_Lawrence 11m For those who objected to my use of "pull the plug" re End of Tyrone Corbin Era with #Jazz, then try this one: He's gone, done, fired. OK? Is Ty really gone?
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    Trey Is The Official Tank Killer:(

    I was perfectly fine watching the Jazz accumulate a 1-14 record. Then Trey came back and ruined all my fun. I thought for sure we had lost against Orlando, then Trey ruined it. I would have bet the house last night we would have lost last night against the Wolves...then Trey ruined it. I...
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    What "Type" Of Coach Will Replace Ty

    I know, I know, there is already a thread about who will replace Ty, this thread is about what "type" of coach will replace Ty I heard an interesting conversation on the radio about what type of coach will replace Ty on the mid-day show on 1280. They both concluded that they would be...
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    Gordon Hayward Says He's The Man

    I heard a radio interview and they asked Gordon, "what have you learned this year"? "I've learned that I can step up and be the man. I just need to get more consistent". I don't know if he's trying to set up his next contract, but he is delusional if that is what he learned this year. Does...
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    Jazz vs. Blazers and Yes, Burks IS STARTING! Late Game thread

    I wasn't even going to watch when I hear the magic words. "Burks is starting". I'm still hoping for a loss, bu I hope Burks scores 60.
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    Jazz’s lack of effort is Ty Corbin’s burden It seems to me the team has quit on Ty. The low shoulders, the look of frustration on their faces, plus the lack of effort is hard to watch. Ty is a hard worker, he seems to have a good attitude, but the...
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    When Will We Contend?

    I don't mind being patient with the Jazz organization as long as I don't have to wait. But, seriously folks, how long will it be until the Jazz are contenders in the NBA. I know the Jazz have been trying to get flexibility in the salary cap for free agents, but I don't see much potential in...
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    Millers will never go over the luxury tax... Larry said he would never go over the luxury tax, but did two years after saying it. I think Greg means it when he says the Millers will never go over the luxury tax.