1. Growlor

    Do we have it?

    Have we got starting 5 (at least for the near future)? Exum/Burke Burks/Hood Hayward Favors Gobert In this group of 7 do we have the starting 5 we need? If yes then we are just adding depth. If NO then which spot is the weakest link?
  2. Growlor

    The weakest link?

    We have youth and development at every position, but the question I have is which position is the weakest link looking forward? PG=Exum/Burke. Too much invested and potential to make a decision now. SF= Max Hayward will be the starter for a while at least. PF= Favors has solidified his...
  3. Growlor


    Question... I don't live near SLC, but my wife and I are toying with coming to SLC for a few Jazz games. My question is... if you buy one of those 5 game packages is there any flexibility? Can you pick your 5 games from a list of options? Will I be locked into the 5 games (dates) they give me...
  4. Growlor

    Open Practice

    Let me know which of you are going to be at the open practice this Thursday so I can wave.
  5. Growlor

    We BLEW it!

    Jarnell pounds one! https://sports.yahoo.com/video/play-day-jarnell-stokes-015145768.html We obviously screwed up by trading him. Please take a moment and overreact. (Sarcasm aside.. It was a nice move)
  6. Growlor

    How far would you go?

    Let's assume the Jazz keep the 5 pick. Let's also assume the Jazz don't want to add 3 more rookies to the team (particularly if they are considering bringing Neto/Tomic over). How far up do you think the Jazz could move if they packaged both the 23rd and 35th picks? Could we get up into...
  7. Growlor

    Trade down

    If the Jazz wanted to keep our bigs and guards in place they could trade down a couple of spots and get a good sf. If they went down to the 8 or 9 spot assume both D McDermott and A Gordon are both available. Who do you take?
  8. Growlor

    Gobert goner!

    Gobert moved to D-league. When? Why? How did I miss this. Didn't know till I was sitting in the arena wondering where big lurpy was... https://www.cbssports.com/nba/players/playerpage/2067669/rudy-gobert
  9. Growlor

    Which positions?

    Let's assume we get a lottery pick this year (how decent is yet to be seen). Hopefully a difference-maker. Let us also assume the Jazz have the $$ to pick up one high-end free agent who also is a difference-maker. Given the state of our youth right now which two positions do you think...
  10. Growlor

    Upside down

    If things go well this year we will be starting the youth every game. This means we are paying far more for our second string than for our starting 5. According to my estimates we are around $18 mill for the starting 5 and about $30 mill for the secind unit. I wonder if there are any other...
  11. Growlor


    Which top prospect will be sitting there all alone waiting for his name to be called?
  12. Growlor

    Jazz starting 5

    What is your top all-time starting 5 for the Jazz? pg-Stock sg-Pistol Pete sf- A. Dantley pf-Karl doing what Karl do C -Eaton /Kanter? Not as easy for me to determine as the other positions.
  13. Growlor

    Foye's Fantasy

    SL Trib article on Randy's slump. https://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/jazz/56043045-87/foye-jazz-games-guard.html.csp Quote of the day, "My 3-point shot is big in my game," Foye said, "but it’s not my whole game. I pass, I can dribble, I can defend." Averaging 10 pts and 2 assists per game this...
  14. Growlor

    Trouble outside

    We have been squalking for months about our need for a pg. After watching the young future of the Jazz recently, including last night with Mo back, I wonder if our greatest need is an all-star caliber PG or an all-star caliber SF? I am not sure Carroll is the answer there anymore than Mo is the...
  15. Growlor

    One keeper

    Looking at the Jazz acquisitions in the past year... if you could only keep one for the next 2-4 years, which would it be? DeMarre Carroll (Feb 8, 2012) Randy Foye Marvin Williams Mo Williams
  16. Growlor

    Bullet dodged?

    I worried that immediately after sending C.J. packing he would take off like a rocket. It made me smile seeing his stat line last night; 2 pts, 1 assist and 3 turnovers. Hope he becomes consistent finally... with those stats.
  17. Growlor

    CJ to the Cavs

    https://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/blogsjazznotes/54624285-62/cleveland-cavaliers-source-free.html.csp Thought the Lakers had the inside... Oh well, puts a few more miles between us and Miles.
  18. Growlor

    Miles or Howard?

    Who gets picked up by another team first? C.J. or Howard?
  19. Growlor

    Who will shoot?

    Next fall will the Jazz have someone step up and become our outside presence, will we bring in a shooter, or will we hold with what we currently have? Personally I think a couple of current guys will try. I am not confident any of them will become a serious, consistent threat.
  20. Growlor


    I am confused with the TPE. I have a rough idea how it works, but I would love it is someone could explain the details. For example... how getting an exception for Memo will help the Jazz.