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    Game Thread Nov 09, 2022 05:30PM MT: Jazz at Hawks

    When is the parade??
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    What upgrades are needed to make us a contender?

    This is exciting. I have a feeling this thread could pop off soon. I suppose I'll temper my enthusiasm because my eye tells me we haven't beaten an "elite" team yet. But if we can get through this next swing, 14-6 looks very realistic through 20 games. Not a small sample size.
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    Jordan Clarkson appreciation

    Quickly ascending the list of my favorite all-time Jazzmen. The GOATs, Rudy Gobert are the solid top 3 and then a solid echelon of others where JC is right there.
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    Who have you been most wrong about?

    Ainge, clearly.
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    The Jazz's Next 20 Games

    I loved that article. I dunno, though - I'm more on the side that the Lakers are atrocious. Could see them melting down more than I see them really clawing back into this thing.
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    Should the Jazz Trade for Myles Turner?

    I don't hate it. Momma always told me - the only thing better than 3 stretch bigs is 4 stretch bigs. That said, only if he's dirt cheap.
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    We Got Swindled by Sexton (And Eddie Zero Sucks)

    He's played 5 meaningful games in the past calendar year and is adjusting to a new city, new org, new coach, new system. I say we pump the brakes a bit.
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    Hardy already making bad decisions?

    I think OP nailed, Hardy def thought we were going 82-0. SMH.
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    Lauri Markkanen's ceiling

    The love child of Lebron and Wemby
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    Walker Kessler Thoughts?

    Looks like a damn nice player. Impressive poise in his debut
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    Culture of winning or tank?

    Based on what we saw last night I don't think we have much of a choice. That was likely an aberrational performance and we won't be a "good" team this year, but I do not think we will be horrid, either. Sufficiently talented, extremely scrappy, and the group seems to have the right unselfish...
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    OT: Draymond punches Jordan Poole

    The W's do a lot of things right and have a great organizational culture. That said - I think they are dead wrong not suspending Draymond here. Dead, dead wrong.
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    OT: Draymond punches Jordan Poole

    I do think he should be suspended. I don't think Draymond faces any sort of long-term image damage here. We already knew he was a prick.
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    Rest Easy, The Jazz Will Be Awful

    I side on the full tank mode for 2023 at least, perhaps 2024 as well (next years draft could also be juicy/deep given the add'l prospects entering given eligibility rule changes). We can easily tweak the roster to become competitive in 1-2 years. One year of absolutely sucking for strategic...
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    Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

    Within NBA circles there are legitimate concerns that Lonzo is done. Hasn't been cleared and the docs have no idea what's going on with the knee. If he were on the block the Bulls wouldn't get anything of value for him right now.
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    Danny boy is leaving

    Uhh...I don't think Ainge has anywhere near NBA owner money.
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    Win Totals Over/Under Odds

    I wouldn't take a single one of those myself.
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    Danny Ainge has Traded/Signed for Seven White Players

    Truest sign of committing to the tank
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    Trade Confirmed: Jazz get jack for Bogey

    Just a horrendous trade. I really don't care since we don't want to be good anyways, but I have a hard time believing there was no draft capital ANYWHERE to be had for Bogey.
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    The unsolved mystery that is Collin Sexton