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  1. dipship31

    OT: Draymond punches Jordan Poole

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    Will Donovan Mitchell be with this franchise for the '25 - '26 season?

    A lot of "smoke" about Donovan wanting to be in a larger market blah blah blah going on. Personally I don't buy any of it, but it's safe to say we're going to hear about it for the next 4 seasons. If Don remains healthy he's not taking his player option for the 25/26 season so he'll either be an...
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    NBA 2K22 Trailer (Decent Donovan Presence)

    Game I'm sure is still utter garbage, but a couple nice little cameos from Donovan. At 0:40 they have him channeling Wade, Kobe, and Jordan.
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    Dwyane Wade buys ownership stake in Utah Jazz
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    The spotlight is back on us, how will we fare?

    I feel like this week the spotlight has returned to us. Coming into the season seemed like most predictions had us around 5/6 and nothing special so we were off most everyone's radar. With our style of play (raining 3's), great record, and all the Shaq drama from last week I feel like the...
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    OT: Giannis Staying in Milwaukee

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    Hayward opted out

    and of course he needed the extra 2 days to make the decision. I doubt this really had any effect on Boston's decision making, but stuff like this is definitely nice to know going into the trade season / prior to the draft.
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    Hayward wants out

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    2021 Championship Odds

    Looks like we're just as likely to win the title as Phoenix and New Orleans
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    Giannis DPOY

    Just announced on TNT and honestly well deserved. Just happy it didn't go to AD
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    Looks like we lost the draft tie breaker.....

    Welp, great job beating the Spurs though
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    Floater Problem....

    We've got a MAJOR problem with falling in love with this abysmal shot and there's no end in sight. Just heard on Locke's podcast that DM and Mike are leading the league in floater shot attempts and they're shooting 39% and 35% on those attempts. There's obviously a lot of room to improve across...
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    We signed Emmanuel Mudiay

    Woj again There’s our Exum insurance I guess
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    We signed Jeff Green

    per Woj 1 year / 2.5 mil
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    Jazz Bear FIRED I remember I was in the arena the game he was introduced. I was like 10 at the time. ****** news, but I would imagine after almost 25 years he must've done something quite foolish.
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    40 Seasons....

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    SI Top 100 Players (100-31 so far) Jazz players so far: -Ricky 57 -Ingles 56 -Favors 51
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    2018-2019 Schedule Discussion Thread...

    Didn't see any threads talking about the rest of our upcoming season schedule so thought I'd kind of get a general one going. Some new info today. Looks like we'll have an early national game against the Warriors at home on Oct. 19th I think so far we have confirmed: 10/19: GSW (home opener)...