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    Is there a way to turn off the Jazz News posts from the timeline feed? They clutter up the timeline to the point that it's nearly unreadable.
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    The official 2018 summer league roster thread

    I feel like we need one place to discuss this: Tony Bradley Georges Niang Grayson Allen Naz Long Erik McCree Isaac Haas, Purdue - 7'2" 300, 15 ppg, 6 rebs 62% FGs, 23mpg Thomas Wilder, W Michigan - 6'3" 190, 19 ppg, 43% FGs, 32% 3pt, 33mpg Kelan Martin, Butler - 6'7" 230, 21 ppg, 6 rebs, 45%...
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    Player(s) who will be drafted lower than mocked?

    IOW, who do the geeks like, but NBA GMs don't. I have two: 1) Robert Williams - just isn't that good. when their jobs are on the line, GMs will pass. 2) My gut says GMs will pass on Sexton.
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    The Official Love/Hate draft thread

    using this and go as high as Troy Brown at 17 because that is where there is a drop off do as many categories as you want (meaning, if you just want to do a love and a hate rather than 5 like i've done) but who do you love: Okobo, Khyri Like: Okogie, Musa, Jerome Robinson, KBD Relatively...
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    dumbest, most embarrasing, most difficult or most painful

    thing you would do if it meant LeBron would sign with the Jazz this summer for at least 3 years? c'mon how much do you love the Jazz? whatdya got?
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    The case for Ricky Rubio

    Wins above replacement projections for the next three years: Rubio 5.8, 5.6, 4.9 Hill: 3.7, 2.8, 1.9 Real plus minus rankings among PGs #9 Rubio #11 Wall #13 IT #15 Bledsoe #19 Dragic and perhaps the best case - dude makes guys better:
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    Cy hates Bam. The official 2017 NBA Draft declare who you hate thread

    Cy hates Hartenstein. The official 2017 NBA Draft declare who you hate thread singled Cy out because his post gave me the idea and tomorrow's the draft! have to get this **** in before tomorrow Hate: Ferguson, DJ Wilson Don't like: Hartenstein, Giles, Lydon, Ntilikina, Mitchell, Juwan...
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    Favors takes down all Jazz related stuff from his twitter

    and posts things like "A blessing in disguise" and "Turn adversity into ambition!!!" yet nothing on Jazzfanz? In a way I'm proud of JF for not jumping to conclusions and speculating on possibilities, but on the other hand, isn't that what we do on these message boards?
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    The official declare who you want the Jazz to draft thread

    using DX's mock, you can have anybody who they list up to 5 slots ahead of where the Jazz draft. for example, at #24, you can have anybody they list as high as #19 and later. at #30, anybody as high as 25 or later. List your top 3 at each draft position. at #24 1. Jeanne 2. Diallo...
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    Since #12 is gone who is your top target at 42?

    I'm hoping either Papagiannis or Zagorac drops or that LeVert is completely healthy and can pick up where he was before injury. Also, FTR, I think the Jazz try to get into the end of the first for a draft and stash euro (maybe one of the two I mentioned above), but for now we have #42 - so who...
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    RIP Dwayne Washington

    somewhere out there is a guy in a vest from upstate NY with tears running down his cheeks as he watches an Italian lady cooking on TV. :(
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    Burke for Lawson: Would ya?

    After his second DUI and Mudiay looking promising, rumors continue to run rampant that the Nuggets are looking to move Lawson. Do you take a drunk Lawson and his 18-19 PER over Burke? I'd do it in a heartbeat except that Lawson's presence could screw with the chemistry on this team.
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    Wizards looking to unload Nene

    Has one year left at $13 M - seems he'd be a great fit as a back up C who could play some 4 if necessary. Jazz could easily take on the $13 million and he would come off the books next summer.
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    Looking at the Jazz depth and versatility

    Based on who was on the roster and who could potentially be on the roster in the upcoming season, I see as follows, listed by depth: PG - Exum6'6", Cotton6'0", Burke6'1", Hanlan6'5", Burks6'6" SG - Burks6'6", Hood6'8", Hayward6'8", Sap6'6", Ingles6'7", Exum6'6", Hanlan6'5" SF - Hayward6'8"...
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    Final individual preseason stats for the 8

    G-time - 29 MPG, 51% FG, 50% 3pt, 87% FT, 4 reb, 4 asts, 3 TO, 15 ppg, league leading 2.6 steals Burke - 29 MPG, 46% FG, 47% 3pt 59% FT, 3 reb, 5 asts, 2 TO, 16 ppg Burks - 32 MPG, 46% FG, 22% 3pt, 74% FT, 4 reb, 2 asts, 3 TO, 18 ppg, league leading 10 FTA per game Favors - 24 MPG 55%...
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    Let's just assume Trey Burke has figured this NBA thing out...

    It's just two pre-season games in - small sample size, probably mostly meaningless sample size, so let's keep all this perspective - but it's fun to speculate. Having said all that, while I've been down on Burke and am still very skeptical - as well as he's played, he is still small, lacks...
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    Dennis Lindsey on with Bill and OC yesterday

    Did anybody else catch this interview? I didn't see a thread about this, if so, go ahead and merge. I ask this question mostly as it pertains to DL's comments about Alec Burks. Riley asked DL specifically about Burks role on the team and going forward in the Jazz future plans. Referenced...
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    Is JLIII really any better than Stephen Hawking?

    Discuss. <high fives HighlandHomie>
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    Houston, Texas shooting In a nutshell: man and woman divorce, wife moves from Utah to Houston to go live with her sister. Ex husband shows up to the sister's house dressed as a FedEx guy, a daughter answers the door, says nobody is...