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    What can we get for Sexton in a trade?

    Seriously, I’m so over him and his brand of selfish basketball. He makes the ‘wrong play’ every time. I’ll be happy if we can just get your run of the mill distributing backup PG for him. At least he/she can run the offense and get everyone else involved.

    Would you have preferred Sexton or another 1st round draft pick?

    Was just wondering..

    A lottery pick or 45 Wins (play-in team) ?

    What would you rather have at the end of the season, Jazz fans? (Reference: Minny had 46 wins last year and were a play-in team) Edit: I am very aware we also have the Minny pick that could turn into a lottery pick but would you want ANOTHER lottery pick or 45 wins is the question.

    Guys, I don't think Ainge planned to tank...

    In that case I'm all in for us making the playoffs and getting that 3-4 seed!!! Let's go Jazz!!!

    Quick Question Thread

    For asking quick Jazz related questions without having to start a whole new thread.

    Say Goodbye to Victor Wem if we continue to play this good.

    Damn, I really wish this wasn't a tank year... this team is so exciting to watch & root for. Kessler Double Double. (First player to do so in a Jazz debut) Sexton 20 points. Lauri 17 points. 68 Points OFF THE BENCH!!!! Jazz stand at 1-0.

    Jazz Media / Content Day

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    Kelly Olynyk Hype & Appreciation Thread

    This guy's a sleeping giant. He averaged 19 points, 8.4 rebounds, 4.4 assists, 39.2% 3pt just a couple of years ago. #Underrated #AppreciateWhatWeGot #GrassIsGreenerOnOurSide #LockedOnJazz

    The Jazz are starting to practice together!!!

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    Lauri Markkanen Hype & Appreciation Thread

    This boy's gonna be special.
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    Who will be the Jazz's MVP this season?

    This is gonna be a great season. I love the rebuild. Let's go!
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    Karl Town's mom died of Covid 19

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    What ALBUMS are you listening to right now? (to get you through Covid 19)?

    Cos individual songs just aren't cutting it anymore with these long lockouts and staying home for long days and nights...
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    Is Bogey the best FA signing the Jazz has ever had?

    Yes? No?
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    The new Jazzfanz Logo is #AMAZING!!!

    Title says it all!!!
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    Rank Oscars Nominated Movies 2020

    Just watched 1917 yesterday, and whoah, what a movie! So now I've seen all the movies except Little Woman which I'm probably gonna be too busy to watch... (real reason, *cough cough*) If you all had to rank them all, what would your list be? Mine would be as follows. 1917 The Irishman...
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    Keanu Reeves reveals his first girlfriend in DECADES

    REALLY happy for him. The star held hands with the artist at the LACMA Art + Film event in LA The two looked very happy together as they posed on the red carpet At one point the action star and the painter beamed at each other Keanu has never posed with a girlfriend on the red carpet in his 35...
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    Mitchell's new Nickname idea "The Takeover"

    After tonight's 4th quarter it's VERY appropriate.
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    FSU Law Professor Trial Starts...

    Anyone else following this case? FSU Law Professor (Dan Markel) was killed in his own home allegedly by people hired by his ex-wife's brother and/or family due largely to the custody battle of the kids after the divorce. Ex-wife's brother is a playboy/dentist driving Ferraris, and his...