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    Mike Conley knee strain

    Great news. Could've been much worse. View:
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    Rudy Gay out at least two weeks

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    Who gets waived?

    The roster is currently at 18 guys. There's probably a good chance that more trades are coming before the season starts, but if not, 3 guys will have to be waived to get the roster down to 15 by opening night. Who do you think is on the chopping block?
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    Jazz sign Cody Zeller to camp deal

    View: View:
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    RJ Barrett signs extension with the Knicks.

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    Beverley to Lakers for THT and Stanley Johnson

    View: View:
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    The Jazz have one game on TNT this year (against the Knicks) and no games on ABC or ESPN. View:
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    Jazz sign 6'8 forward Paris Bass

    I know absolutely nothing about Bass, but after a quick google search, I learned he's a 6'8 26-year-old that has been playing on the Lakers G-League team. View:
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    Woj says the Jazz are listening to offers for Mitchell

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    Rebrand announcement coming next week

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    Quin could decide to end 8 year tenure with Jazz according to Woj and MacMahon

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    Who's back next season?

    I think Quin's likely back, but I think only 3 or 4 of these players will be back. These polls only allow 10 choices, so I wasn't able to list EP, Juancho, and the rest. Discuss.
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    Donovan refuses to say whether or not he wants to be in Utah moving forward

    This definitely isn't reassuring. View:
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    Jazz vs. Mavs in round one

    It's official, the Jazz will face Dallas in round one of the playoffs. Game one is Saturday at 11:00 AM mountain time. Let's go!!!
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    House needs to start

    House is outplaying Royce in basically every facet of the game right now. He brings an energy and intensity that this team is sorely lacking. Unlike Royce, he isn't afraid to shoot, the moment never seems too big for him. He is our best perimeter defender and navigates screens far better than...
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    Should Donovan be the starting point guard next season?

    Tony Jones wrote a really interesting article after last nights game. Basically said that Mitchell probably needs to be a full time point guard next season and that the Jazz should look to surround him with 3 athletic wings in the starting lineup who can defend at a high level and knock down...
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    Rumor that Quin could replace Popovich when he retires

    According to Marc Stein, he's hearing Snyder's name mentioned as a possible Popovich successor in San Antonio.
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    Juancho Hernangomez to star in new Netflix movie "Hustle" with Adam Sandler

    Juancho was trending on twitter, so I clicked on it, wondering if it had anything to do with our Juancho, and sure enough...
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    Jazz sign Xavier Sneed to two way contract

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    Donovan in concussion protocol