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    This is the Year the Jazz Could GO. ALL. THE. WAY.

    This is probably the best shot this team will ever have at a championship. All attempts should be made to make it happen this year. That is all.
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    Using Gobert In Offense

    Jazz should move away from Gobert pick and roll. They need him to last the season. He is at risk of getting worn out or hurt in the pick and roll, and for what? If he gets hurt the Jazz are done. Let him just stay near the basket for rebounds and passes, like Houston does with their centers...
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    Violent Protest Country Watch List

    Something I am a little curious about , that doesn't get much news coverage, is the quiet abundance of countries that are experiencing violent protests this year. I am probably missing many, but off the top of my head I have heard about Ecuador, Chile, France, Hong Kong, Lebanon. I think...
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    Any Gamblers here? Little Help?

    I've never bet on sports, but I see some opportunity . Any advice, starting with which websites to use?
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    Just for Thriller

    Watched the play 9 times. The brunt of the contact I could see was Harden hitting G in the face. Go watch it a 4th time and explain to me what contact you see other than Harden hitting his defender in the face with his hand. Maybe your feed had a different angle, I'm just curious where you saw a...